Research Strategy Paper

Based on the research and reading done in this weeks assignment I found a tremendous amount of information regarding time management that would help me with a Research Strategy. A planning system should contain four core elements tasks, appointments, notes and contacts. In the library as well as the internet there is plenty of information available that will assist one researching any one topic. The main objective is once you gather the information making sure it is reliable. I chose several reliable sources for this research strategy on time management.

My time management is a skill that I long to have control over. This particular area of skill needs a lot of work and improvement. In my mind I know that I have things that need to be completed. I also jot down a few items on a piece of paper or in a tablet. This tool is only useful if I actively use it. So in an attempt to solve my issue I gathered all kinds of information that would assist in improving my time management skills. I take on too many different task and I can not always complete each of them. While I have great intentions my actions do not always pan out the way expected. I would like to be able to assist my supervisor, co-workers, any area that I can at work, however it is humanly impossible to be in so many different places at one time. My priorities are not the same as the person asking for help. There are not enough hours in a day to do everything I promised someone I would assist them with. Time management is so very important because with out it precious time is wasted on unnecessary things and time is something we can not get back.

My most significant pitfall with time management is procrastination. I fail to begin on many occasions because I do not know where to begin. I might not be in the right mood or have the right train of thought at the time to complete the assignment or task. I have come to the realization of the situation at hand and recognize with open eyes that I am procrastinating. The task that I procrastinate most on completing is typing of meeting minutes. This seems to be such a dreadful task to me at times. I am looking into ways of making my minute documentation more exciting. I know that by not completing this task with in the recommended time frame which is 24 to 48 hours it creates static with my supervisor so I know I need a little motivation in that area.

For my main source in researching I used the Google search engine to assist me in finding the proper information regarding successful time management. I also went to the Franklin Covey website to get more information. With the information gathered a person has to plot or plan out the activities for the day on a schedule and follow it in order to know what is going on and what time they should be doing what and at what time it is going to occur. Franklin Covey offers a planning guide with their planners. These pages help guide you to identify, personalize, and organize you life according to your highest priorities. It also provides information on Ben Franklin’s three step method for planning and pursing your priorities. He started with his values, then set goals, and planned weekly.

In conclusion, what I gained from this information on time management that I am putting to action in my own life is that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. With a successful time management plan you can achieve, increase your productivity, stay focused, enhance your chances for success, effectively manage information that comes you way and at the same time reduce stress by eliminating distractions and interruptions. Having a plan is one thing, putting your plan into action is another. Stephen Covey said it best “Technology and tools are useful and powerful when they are your servant and not your master.”

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