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Red Chief Writing

Dear Sam,
I truly think that Red Chief needs to leave. Red Chief is physically violent, he’s driving me mentally insane, and I’m doing all the work while your not helping at all. This is your last chance. I’ve gone through thick and think with you, but I wont take this much longer. I really think you should listen to me and consider why Red Chief should leave.

Red chief has got to be the most violent youngster I know. You saw him throw a brick at me. That brick hit me in the eye. You saw that too. I don’t understand how that didn’t clue you in that he’s violent. Along with the brick he also hit me with a rock behind the ear. He also put a red hot boiled potato on me and then mashed it with his foot. But I think the worst was that he tried to scalp me with a knife. He wasn’t lying when he said the night before he was going to scalp me.

Aside from being physically violent, his mental issues are driving me mentally insane. He was threatening to hit me with a rock half the size of coconut. He kept me up at night with his threats. He’s making me exhausted. He kept me up at night for three hours reaching for his rifle, screeching “hiss pard” into my ears. I need my sleep Sam. You know me, I’m a grump in the morning if I don’t get enough sleep. Another thing. It’s tiring having a child sit on your back for ninety miles while you’re crawling on your hands and knees. It’s exhausting trying to keep him entertained. This child has no off button on him.

Finally, I took care of him the whole time we were here. You never spent any time with him. So you wouldn’t know any of this. You wouldn’t know that he wants to stay with us. No. The whole time you were trying to get rid of him while I was putting up with him. Seriously I don’t think that anyone is going to pay 15,000 dollars to take back this little ball of evil. I know I wouldn’t.

Like I said. This is your last chance. It’s me or him. You and I, were like two peas in a pod. Were family. If you want to keep me, Red Chief has go to go. I will not put up with him any longer. And I’m completely serious. Please take this into consideration. I would hate for you to lose me, and

I would hate to lose you.