Racism and injustice have affected people in America for many years. Why is the color of a persons skin such a big factor in the way people feel about each other? There are many reasons why racism is just a fundamentally bad idea. Why should we as a nation keep the disease of racism alive? Parents are still raising their children to hate people of a different color. Why conjure up prejudice fro, the past and being it to the future? Racism is based on ignorance. Why should the present generation have to apologize for what their ancestors did in the past? The 2 stories that we read described and educate us of the injustices rendered on these 2 men. We are now aware how racism can affect people.

Steven Harmon a 16 year old boy who is on trial for murder, while on trial he is staying in prison. Steve is a straight- A student who causes no trouble at all. He was at the drugstore before the murder which made him a suspect. Monster, is a book about racism and injustice and how it affected Steven Harmon.

Rubin carter a professional heavy weight champion was charged for murder of a white cop. He had nothing to do with it he was totally innocent , they just blamed the black man. He spent 2 decades of his life behind bars for something he didn’t commit.

Steve and Rubin are both young black males that have something in common. They had a great life before they are being suspects are charged with murder and being thrown in jail. They had 1 piece of evidence for both men. One of the suspects in monster said that he was not really an accomplice, he just pretended to be. They found Rubin’s shoe print near the crime scene, which means nothing. They saw Steve at the drug store 5 minutes before the robbery, while buying some candy. Everybody at the jury is usually white.

Both of these stories complies with alleged acts of racism and profiling between both Steve and Rubin. Which I believe was leading to a false trials and convictions. However, the criminal justice wrongfully imprisoned 2 innocent men, 1 for 20 and another for about 2 years because of racism. Movies and songs were made to acknowledge Rubin carter’s innocence. Stev could have been a film director and being well educated. this planet.