Poway Unified School District – Persuasive Essay

Poway Unified School District – Persuasive Essay
Stress is within all of us. How it is released is a different matter. Today kids are experiencing a large amount of stress from homework. The people who think that over 4 hours of homework a week are the people who demand kids to be adults. While kids want to just be kids. Poway unified school district wants to increase

the homework per night average from 4 hours to the national average of 5 and a half hours. Poway unified school district should keep the hours per week of homework the same, to avoid stress, avoid being sick, and finely let kids be kids.

At first 5 and a half hours of homework may seem like a good idea, but has anyone thought about the stress it would cause. Studies have show people who experience large amounts of stress are more likely to heart attacks and being sick. A young kid should not go home do homework puke get up puke again and not go to school and then worry about making up the homework that they missed, because they missed their lesson. Also, when you are a child being sick from stress isn’t fun, most of you have probably experienced being sick from stress. Thus, 5 and half hours of homework will increase stress levels and therefore increase the chance of being sick.

Secondly, a survey showed that a group of 3rd who got 1 hour of playtime on top of their current reading lesson got 1.3% higher on their reading test scores. This shows that kids who are given time to play and have fun at least an hour more each day will in the long run be better then the one without time to play. What does this mean to amount of homework in a week? It means that by the time we complete our homework it is to late to play and therefore we lose 1.3% in our grades. That is very important in the long run, it could tell the difference from going to Stanford or a poor community college. Thus, getting at least 1 hour of recreation on top of homework is a necessity for having success in life.

In another point of view, 5 and half hours of homework may seem like a good idea. For example, Dr Julian Betts, a professor found that “a student who did 15 minutes of math homework a night from the 7th grade to the 11th grade scored 65% higher on national math tests….”. But, that is only 15 minutes of homework times 5 days, is an hour 15 minutes not 5 and half hours. This study is saying that we should have no more then 1 hour and 15 minutes of homework and is a complete waste of time to bring it as a point to increase homework to 5 and half hours. So an increase in homework would be totally inconceivable if all it takes to get a good score is 15 minutes a night (1 hour 15 minutes a week).

Thus, homework should stay the same to avoid stress sickness and let kids be kids. We need to march down to P.U.S.D. (Poway Unified School District) to tell them keep the hours per week of homework the same until it stays the same for good, and we are doing this because if we don’t, kids will live a life of intense stress. We don’t want to end up like a grown up fearing for the risk of potential heart attack because of the massive stress that was put on us during our child hood.