Popular Science Magazine – Bussiness Research Paper (100 Level Course)

Popular Science Magazine – Bussiness Research Paper(100 Level Course)

Popular Science is published by Time4 Media, the world’s leading publisher of leisure-time magazines. Founded in 1872, PopSci is the world’s largest science and technology magazine with a circulation of 1.45 million subscribers and a readership of more than seven million people. It is published in New York City’s Columbus Circle.

Time4 Media is a for profit publisher, which is a part of Time Warner Inc, a leading global media and entertainment company with best-in-class businesses in filmed entertainment, interactive services, television networks, cable systems and publishing.

The scope of this magazine is very broad it covers all the major stories happening in the world of science and technology .Basically the purpose of the magazine is to entertain their audiences who have a taste for science .This a very popular magazine which can be found at newsstands but normally people subscribe to this magazine by mail or by internet.

The authors of this magazine are researchers and journalist. They survey experts—academics, scientists, engineers, government officials, think-tank intelligentsia for there articles in the magazines.

The level of language used is very formal and simple, but there are some articles in the magazine in which some professional language is also used .Overall this magazine has very simple contents which are very easy to understand.

The magazine is not related to a specific theme the articles and news are totally chosen randomly .The periodical is mix of all kinds of research, ideas, applications and advertisement.

The past three issues are concern with the bio engineering technology although the magazine does not has a specific theme by browsing the past three issue, one can find out that there are many articles related to the research of nano technology in medical field.

For example:
Innovations in battlefield medicine are ensuring that more combatants survive. Often, the technology follows them home.

Nine mobile medical breakthroughs set to make cheating death as easy as 911

A major foreign breakthrough highlights the limits placed on U.S. stem-cell researchers

An engineer will subscribe to this magazine to stay in touch with the inventions that are happening in the world and as engineer it’s in the nature to read science magazine which also have a little bit sci –fiction in it.

The journal is published once a month and 24 issues cost about 31.88 dollars.1.328 dollars per issue.