Personal Narrative Essay

Higher and higher we rose up this seemingly endless track of the “SheiKra” with the car making a squeaking and clanking noise as we ascend up the glaring red track, until we reached the top of the steel giant. With the sun shining in my eyes, I didn’t know how high we were until the coaster reached the top of the peak and I saw everything in a ten mile perimeter. My jaw dropped to see how high we were. The car made a slow eerie right turn and approached the first drop of the roller coaster. The drop is a heart-pounding dive that takes you ninety degrees straight down two hundred feet on red steel track. It is a fall of death for some but a thrill of a life time that formed a special memory for my brother, sister and me.

Inching closer and closer to the drop, I began to regret my decision of getting on this ride. Seeing my sister’s eyes widen as the red and yellow car met the tip of the fall, I felt the ride suspending us hanging on the end of the drop for a few seconds to add thrill. My heart rate increased and then in a blink of an eye we went soaring down the track. The screams of the people on the ride made my ears ring as we dove farther down the red track. Air was blowing my hair back and drying my eyes as if someone was holding a hair dryer to them. Then the roller coaster made a hurling upside-down loop into a swift sharp left turn causing my stomach to churn and making my head spin. As the coaster started to straighten out and slow down, my stomach settled down and I thought the ride was coming to an end but it was far from it. There was another straight ninety degree drop leading into a dark cave. With the air once again slamming against my face with my head shaking like a raddle that nauseous feeling in my stomach reappeared inside me. Pulling up from the steep drop, the coaster emerged from the darkness of the cave and swerved into a sharp right turn, skimming across a pool of water. Sprinkles of the cool water splashed against my face. Rising out of the pool of water, the coaster made a smooth right turn and before we knew it we were back at the starting platform.

Getting off the roller coaster, my legs trembled from the breath taking ride. My sister’s hair was wild and frizzy from the ride and the color on my brother’s face looked like he just saw a ghost as he exited the coaster. Since the line was not that long, I begged my brother and sister to ride the roller coaster with once more. After several minutes of pleading with them, they agreed to join me on the “SheiKra” once more.

My family and I have been going to Florida for as long as I can remember. We have a condo on Treasure Island right on the Gulf of Mexico. Since my dad works at Anheuser Busch we receive free tickets to their theme park, Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens is our family’s favorite theme park. It is filled with a variety of different rides, food, and entertainment that come together to make a day with our family worth remembering.

My brother, sister and I usually don’t get along too good with each other, most likely because we are all the complete opposite of each other and are very busy with activities the we don’t often bond together to create memories, but riding the “SheiKra” during our vacation to Florida with them has created a very special one. We had the time of our lives on the ride and will share the memory created on it with each other forever.