People Don’t Appreciate The United States – Creative Writing Essay
Being a United States citizen is a great privilege to all that live here because of all the rights you have. Someone is not in control of you. You have the freedom of speech and the right to vote when you’re eighteen. And other

countries don’t have that to offer. Some people don’t appreciate what the United States is offering to them and they take it for granted and think that it sucks and they think the other countries are better. They have no clue about a lot of things and we’re one of the best countries in the world. And I think that our country is great, I just don’t like where I live in this country, I mean its ok, but there nothing to do, but its fine, I guess. The United States is the best county I think and I hope people have more respect for our country and don’t think that we got it bad. We don’t have it bad, its there reason that it’s bad for them, not the United States, all they had to do is to go get a job. We have it easy compared to the people in Africa and South America, they don’t have a chance to get a job and if they do they would work for almost nothing I just hope they realize what we have and don’t take it for granted, and be proud to be a United States citizen. Not always complaining for what they don’t have and be more focused on what they do have in the United States.