Parenting License – Argumentative Essay

Parenting License – Argumentative Essay
I believe that you shouldn’t have to get a licence to become a parent. I strongly agree that you should have to take a parenting course before you become a parent. I think a licence is a little to much to demand of
people but if we start small like offering a parenting

course more people would be willing to cooperate.

I think that you should have to take a parenting course before entering into grade nine because my belief is that more and more teens are having sex at a younger age. I believe if teens knew more about protective sex, teen pressures and how a child isn’t something you can raise at a young age. We would have less teens wanting to have a child at the age of fourteen. It would also help with teen abortion if teenagers knew more about protective sex. I’m not saying a course is going to change every teens mind on what they want to do but they may take more caution on what they do decide to do.

Meanwhile there isn’t enough parenting course available now even if you were really to have children. I believe this is a big part of the problem. With my understanding parenting courses aren’t cheap. Who wants to spend over a hundred dollars on a parenting course? Not me that’s for sure. People don’t even know that there are parenting course out there that they could take. I’m not saying that all parents should have to take a parenting course only if they were advertised more parents would be more willing to take them.

Nevertheless you are going to have people that think a parenting course isn’t going to change anything because everyone raises their children differently. But offering no courses, no help would result in no change . I feel even a little change would be better than none at all after all we are taking about our children’s well being.