Owning A Coffe Shop

In considering my future, I have decided that I want to own and manage a coffee shop. I love to sample and drink different varieties and forms of coffee beverages. I enjoy the chilled atmosphere and the

people that frequent coffee shops. After thinking about my career choices for the past year, I have decided to pursue a coffee shop entrepreneurship or franchise. A review of the nature of the job, the required education, the job outlook, and the sources of education for this field will help to develop a plan to reach this dream.

Business managers take full responsibility of the daily routine of their business. They must plan, direct, and coordinate the business so it can run smoothly and efficiently. Businesses haves goals, and its goal is to make profit. To meet this goal, they must most importantly make sales, have the necessary materials, correct budget, and have potential employees (Morkes 3). Managers must look after the inventory while checking up on the maintenance for the upkeep. They must schedule hours for their employees. When running a food service, Managers are responsible for the correct food preparation that has been ordered and the consumers satisfactory (Nature of the Work www.cfnc.org)

Managers May hire or be an executive chef who is responsible foe all food orders, running the kitchen, plan the menu, and having quality food (Nature of Work www.cfnc.org). Managers may also hire Assistant managers to look over a specific department (Walsh 3).

Managers should communicate well with others. In some cases; in different languages. They should be laid back, flexible and can handle high tension situations without too much stress. They should be able to keep their cool stay professional when they are dealing with mad, annoying customers and uncooperative employees (Nature of the Work www.cfnc.org) It’s also important to keep a positive mind to keep you going (Foot).

Its generally easy to become a manager with a degree in foods and nutrition. It’s also possible to become a manager with a degree in any other field because it shows that you are determined and motivated in your work which is as good as having a 4-year degree in foods and nutrition. A bachelors degree in restaurant and food service is a great preparation for this occupation. For those who are not interested in a 4-year degree can get an associate degree at a community college. Community colleges also offer a 2-year and a 4-year programs that has subjects closely relative to this field (Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement www.cfnc.org)

The salary for a food service manager may vary from restaurant to restaurant due to consumers interest in your food you prepare and competition with other fellow restaurant. The average yearly income in this service is about 38,710 (Walsh 4). The Business itself makes much more money than this, but you must consider the cost of the business such as facilities, resources, employees payroll, and upkeep. Some food service manager, generally in full-service restaurants, can get bonuses based on the businesses sales or revenue (Earnings www.cfnc.org)

Opportunities continue to grow. Businesses are always look for replacements for managers who might have transferred to another job site or just decided to quit. Applicants with a 2-year degree will have a good chance to be hires. Applicants with a higher level will have the best advantages. Other opportunities happen through advancements. Start off as a waiter or waitress and show high responsibility and the ability to handle the job greatly. Then it is possible to be advanced to assistant manager, then if the business is in need of a manager, it is possible to be advanced to manager (Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement www.cfnc.org). When advanced to manager, you are able to partake in educational programs, generally paid by a organization or the business (Walsh 5).

Wayne Community College is just fine for my preparation in this occupation. Here, I will earn my bachelors degree. My major will be foods and nutrition and minor in communications. The tuition is $632.00, activity fees are $16.00 equaling it up to $648.00. My payment method is quit easy, my parent and I already agreed that they will pay for my tuition if I live with them during these two years for tax break reasons.

Doing these studies, I have more knowledge about this occupation and how it works. There is a lot more to it than my first original thought. The schooling is not too much to handle. Though the job is a lot of work, I still would like to do this job.