Organizational Negotiations

Selling Water For China vs. John McCarthy: the hostage negotiator who secured my freedom. Both are styles of bargaining, but with the hostage negotiations there is more at risk than the business with China. In hostage negotiation it is important not to be confrontational.

Reason for taking hostages-Political leverage or Criminal (unable to achieve what they want)
Emphasis is on the hostage taker. It is important for both negotiators to think through all the following points; trading, goals, the relationship, the consequences, alternatives, power, possible solutions.

Aqua International is a multicultural company based out of Europe. Sometimes there is little room for choice as to when your business negotiation takes place, as in the case with the political negotiations with China. AQ Group set up a negotiation, armed
with a strategic alliance with PAQ in the attempts to negotiate with a strongly rooted company in China, Tak Foy & Co. It started with non-critical points to give both parties wins for balance.

The main point of the negotiation is to provide water to the million people involved with at a reasonable cost. It is important for the negotiators of both articles to be familiar with the customs of the country they are negotiating with if they hope to be successful in their Both negotiators worked towards achieving the best possible outcome with the least resistance. Timing is also important when it comes to negotiations. You must be considerate of the person’s
time schedule you are negotiating with. Many things can become a sensitive issue when dealing
with negotiations. So you must remember to be considerate and aware of the needs and wants.
If you have knowledge of someone is flying in at a certain time, you really have little choice of
time. But if you have a choice, do you prefer to negotiate in the morning or the afternoon?
As is well known, there are morning people and night people, this is called a chronotype.

Morning people tend to get up earlier, be more productive and more chipper first thing, and night
people get up later and are more active later in the day. Based on new research has recently come out indicating that morning people may actually have more success. In the Hostage negotiation process it is important to examine the negotiator to examine the viewpoint of both the hostage taker and the negotiations partner, be it the government, a company, or what have you.