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Mr. Browning – President of New Core Steel. Business Policy Essay (200 Level Course)

Mr. Browning – President of New Core Steel. Business Policy Essay (200 Level Course)

Mr. Browning was the president of Sunoco but now works at New Core, which is a Steel Company. His speech focused on strategic planning in a company and he gave six different experiences that he had with it. He made sure that we knew how important it is too always makes share that your vision and strategy are up to date. A good strategy is the foundation to a

productive company. In this time and aria you must keep changing and perfecting your strategy in order to out perform the computation. However just having a strategic vision does not guarantied success. Executing your vision in the right way is what makes a successful company.

One of his six examples came from when he was working with food packaging. He realized in order for him to do a good job he must understand food packaging better than anyone else. He spent a lot of time doing researching. He knew he was competing with people twice his age. He was determined to come out on top.

Another example that he gave was with a company that had come up with a good idea for plastic. They had a team of thirty people and he was doing the marketing and shares. He went out and Saul how people reacted to certain packaging and try to determine a net present values in that company.

On another one of his projects he worked with paper cups. They had lost so much money that they hit a point where they did not have much to lose. He went out into the real world so he could fine out what was going on. From this they came up with a good strategic plan and once it was executed it turned the company completely around.

I found these three experiences to be the most interesting of the six. He showed us how important it is not only to make sure that you have a plan but to also know how you are going to follow it. I was very surprised on how often a company will change there strategic visions.