Moments That Change You

There are few moments that really changed me. Some of these moments are no longer remembered, but others are. The story that I am about to tell is one of the forgotten moments, which is so emotional that in some

point of my life, like a disavow, comes up. This story is different from other book or novels’ narrations, because this time I was the main character.

This story starts with a typical Italian Sunday morning. It was stupendous day, because several components of my family had to come over to my place, for a traditional family reunion. With a bunch of food and drinks, the day past with in a relaxing and happy way.
Uncle Frank was one of the invited. I always liked him because he was a humorist. He had a full white mustache, a bigger belly than a pregnant women, and a half bold head. He was not only my favorite, in fact he was loved by all of my family.

I spent most of the day talking with him about random stuff, but then a phone call destroyed that happy and beautiful day that I past. My friend called me, and asked me if I was willing to go out, I told them that I was occupied, but he did not want an excuse. I was told that we had to do something that we had ever done before. I got my stuff and I got out. While I was getting out, my uncle stopped me and he said, “Where you going?”, and I answered him back, “I am gonna go with my friends”. His face looked really disappointed.

I went to David’s, there we all met. We were seven guys in search of adventure. We headed to the main street of my city, it was far away form David’s and I’s. We took a walk, it was not as fun as my family reunion, but I kept going with them. While we were walking, all of my friends talked about a soccer game that we tried to organize, but I stayed quite, because I had nothing to say. We sat down in a bench in the middle of the square, and when continued talking. I was not feeling well because I did not want to leave my house, but my friends were all laughing and having fun. Anyway, we decided to go to the port, so we did. We were walking up and down the small port that we had in our city. I was starting to talk and have fun with them, but at one point, David called the attention of everybody, and pointed to a dark branch of the port. We always liked to do scary stuff, but this time I was not in the mood. But, as usual, I followed them. We decided to walk the longest harm of the port.

It was a scary place. Big rocks formed the shape of the port’s arm. These big rocks where held in place by nothing other than the force of gravity. They were unsafe and really easy to roll them over. The water hit the two sides of the rocks like furious football players.

We all climbed the rock and, naively, we decide to go to the end of the arm. I admit that I was quite scared at that point, but watching the others’ faces, I wasn’t the only one. Even at night I could see the changing of skin tone when the decision was taken. A greenish color drastically overtook the pink color, and on some of them I could see the sweat dropping as tears from their forehead. Telling jokes was the only thing that kept us calm enough from faint. For ten year old boy, in the middle of the night, this walk was a real deal.

As we were walking a fisherman stopped us for some information. I could tell that he was a traveler by his strange way to talking, almost like a bear voice, deep and a strong accent on the end of each world. He asked us, “Where you’re doing on that rock?”, my friend bravely answered back “Nothing, just walking”. Point at me or the guy next to me, he said “You should go home right now before something happens to you”. As he said so, he goes back to his boat. At that point, I almost could not breathe anymore. I did not want to look like a chicken, so I kept going with them. The last thing I remember is me watching my foot go to this strange rock, and hear a big noise. After that I woke up at home, lying in my bed with all my family around me, with a mad and at the same time worried look to their face.

My father asked everyone to leave the room, so that he could clarify thing to me and vice versa. But Uncle Frank, leaving the room he moved the lips trying to saying something like, “I told you to stay home, fool”. I was sad, but happy that I was home.

My father said that the rock, which I was standing of, rolled into the water, and it bought me with it. Thankfully it was smaller than me and it did not fell over me. The fisherman pulled me out of the water, and brought me home.

From this event, I have learned that I should follow my instinct, and do as I feel instead of what I am told, except by adults. I also have learned that doing dangerous thing is not cool at all. I wish I had listened to my uncle or the fisherman. I am also thankful that his happened so that I would not make this mistake again. This is my story, take it as a may, not a must.