Military Conscription – Argumentative Essay

A rising issue that many people are beginning to notice is the need for more American troops to defend our great nation. Every year, our military has had less and less people volunteer to fight threats to our freedom. Until the World Trade Center attacks, we had a substantial military force, but the number of troops

is beginning to dwindle where we need them most. There comes a time when the people of a nation need to rise up and take a stand for this country. Throughout history, the only way sizable forces, forces large enough to win wars, are acquired is through Military Conscription, commonly known in America as the Draft. The Draft is not only useful, but also necessary to win a war, and the time has come to make use of it.

Today, in the United States, citizens enjoy the comforts of American society as they go along in their everyday lives. Many people, as they go along their day, tend to forget the sacrifices being made to defend the simple things they enjoy. Others, like me, want to do something about it.

Until the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army has had a substantial number of servicemen and women to defend our country. But today, as men are leaving the military, the need for more volunteers rises each day, while the number of volunteers decreases each day. President Bush should have enacted the draft long ago, when the problems with the Middle Eastern people started greatly affecting our economy. But now, with a possible war with North Korea, the draft seems all the more inevitable. We simply do not have the numbers possible to fight two wars at once.

George Washington once stated, “…it must be laid down as a primary position and the basis of our system, that every citizen who enjoys the protection of a free Government owes not only a proportion of his property, but even his personal service to the defense of it.” I completely agree with our first President, because I also believe that people have no right to enjoy the freedom of our country without making their own sacrifices for it.

The people who protest the draft need only to learn a little history to change their minds. In World War II, we only had six million volunteers to fight. We would not have won that war without the help of over ten million draftees.

If somebody wants to complain about the war in Iraq taking so long, they should enlist and help in the effort to end it sooner. It may not matter though, if we end up at war with North Korea, because that will leave three choices for Americans. One: join the military. Two: Enact the draft. Three: Lose the war. I don’t know about everyone else, but I would prefer one of the first two.

If enough people do not join the military, than the Government will have no choice but to enact the draft. As thin as the military is already spread out, we have no choice as it is but to have the draft. Believe it or not, the more people we have fighting, the less lives we will lose, and the quicker the wars will end. That is the ultimate goal. Whether voluntary or not, we need more service members. It will be one, or eventually the other. We will soon find our which it will be.