Methamphetamine Addicted Babies

One of the worst things morally the world has ever seen is to see a woman give birth to a baby addicted to meth-amphetamines. Children don’t ask to be brought into this world but for mothers to abuse the privilege and blessing of being a parent and endanger the child like that is despicable.

Meth-amphetamines have a colossally destructive effect on fetuses and newborn babies and the damage done tends to last a lifetime. Mothers who begin using meth-amphetamines early in their pregnancy have a great chance of having a baby with brain strokes or pre-birth strokes. Mothers who use meth-amphetamines also have an increased risk of delivering an underweight baby. A “meth baby” is more at risk to health/environmental hazards than any normal adult. They have immature organ systems, faster metabolic rates, and weaker immune systems. They eat more food, drink more fluids and breathe more air per pound of body weight. Because they are less able to protect themselves , their reckless behaviors expose them to more hazards. Such babies are often neglected, hungry and thin, can have toxic residue on their skin, have respiratory problems and suffer emotional problems.

Babies that are born addicts are damaged emotionally and socially also. Upon birth, a meth baby is taken away from it’s mother. The mother isn’t charged with a crime but in order to get her baby back, the mother has to get treatment and prove to the court that she can stay sober. If she cannot stay sober, her parental rights are then terminated and the child is placed up for adoption. One of the worst instances of methamphetamine addicted newborns is in Anoka County, Minnesota. There, at least one baby a week is born addicted to meth-amphetamines. This means that within one month, as many as eleven babies are born with meth in their systems.

In conclusion, methamphetamine addicted babies are an all too constant occurrence in this nation. It damages the health and well-being of the mother and of the child more importantly. It is a sad truth and hopefully in the future, it will be erased.