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The Mayan Civilization and Their Troubles – Humanities Essay

The Mayan Civilization and Their Troubles – Humanities Essay

The Mayan civilization had many troubles and obstacles that would normally stunt the growth of a blooming civilization. Yet the Mayans prevailed by changing the landscape to suit their needs to flourish as a civilization. In the next paragraph I will detail how the Mayans resolved such problems as lowlands with very poor soil.

The Mayan civilization overcame the obstacle of planting on mountainsides by simply creating terraces. Terraces are the equivalent of huge steps on the side of a mountain or a structure, to create an area suitable for building and agriculture. The Mayans also had a similar problem with the lowlands. Since the lowlands were comprised of thin nutrient lacking soil, they imported their soil. They gathered soil from riverbanks, and beds and placed it on the lowlands, thus creating a new layer of farming suitable soil. Another obstacle was getting water to places with no rivers. They built complicated irrigation system to bring water to the farms and the people.

Therefore we can establish that the Mayan civilization had its fare share of obstacles. Their solution was ingenious back then, and we have adopted them to form our civilization. We are the little brothers of the Mayan civilization. We get to learn from their mistakes, and learn what they did right and how to do it.