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Losing herself by Losing Weight – Creative Writing Story

Losing herself by Losing Weight – Creative Writing Story
In Grade Eight, the lessons were heavier than last year, and I spent more time on my study. Luckily, my mark is not so bad. Alicia found her boyfriend—a school-famous boy, called Will. He is not only good looking, but also

the president of Student Council. In addition, he was born from an extremely rich family. Lots of girls scrambled to be his girlfriend, I thought even Backstreet Boy come to my school couldn’t be as popular as him. He was so scrupulous. When he knew Alicia got a cold, then he asked his driver taking some advanced medicine to her immediately. After P.E. classes, we often could find a glass of water on her desk. She immersed into love’s sea. Every girl who had a boyfriend in my grade envied Alicia so much. Alicia knew clearly that having this brilliant boyfriend was a challenge to her. Because she was not the most beautiful girl in my school and she thought her looking and body were much better than her. The worse, Will had one time pointed out that Alicia was a little bit fat, then she often mentioned she needed to keep fit. In order to keep his heart, Alicia began to reduce her savor, she refused to eat rice and only eat vegetable. Before she ate it, the vegetable might be soaked in water in order to get rid of the oil. When she was having supper, she often only ate an apple. Usually, she would eat raw carrot or cucumber as her breakfast. Oh, my god! In my mind, that’s worse than African refugees. The African had no food but they wanted to eat; to contrary, she had food but didn’t want to eat. I thought her losing weight plan was approaching abnormal. Gradually, she reached her aim, but her face’s colour turned to sallow from rubicund, like the withered grass in autumn. The worse, her menses didn’t come on time. She was not energetic as before. I was afraid that she might be faint anytime and her health couldn’t burden heavy study. She was losing herself. Being an outsider, I had thousands question marks in my brain about her behavior. In a Friday evening, when I was preparing my contest for next day, Alicia was staying at school for spending the weekend with her boyfriend. The room only had two. I finally found a chance to solve my doubt that had hidden so long, like the wine storied in the cellar for a century.
“Alicia, is the raw carrot delicious?” I suspected asked.
“If I tell you it is, then that’s lying you, but when you think about its purpose, that would be completely different. It likes a motivation to push you.
“Yes! When you meet your Mr. Right, you would understand my feeling.”
“Alicia, you are still young, how you can decide your Mr. Right rashly? Are you sure that he is your best man? I think you had better spend more time on your study right now.”
“Michelle, you can study at anytime and everywhere, but you can’t find your lover anytime. When he appears, you must speak out, or you would compunctious forever. You should know how to grab him, because you don’t know when he would appear again.”
“Where did you learn it?” I was a little bit surprise that she would speak out such profound thing.
“However, I won’t learn it from the text book.”
“You mean book is not important to you any more?”
“So what?”
I was silent. Do you know that the volcano was extraordinary quite before erupt? I just had that feeling.
“Hey, Alicia, time to get up, or you would miss having breakfast with Will.”
After I brushed my teeth and washed the face, she still slept on the bed. I still remember that scene, she slept so quite, like the Egyptian mummy had slept for thousand years in the pyramid. Her hands were so cold, and her lips were purple.
“Don’t trick me! Alicia! Wake up! Wake up!” I desperately swayed her.
“Oh, no.” I rushed out of dormitory and shouted.
Fortunately, Alicia was sent to hospital on time and the doctor told me in private that it was caused by over lose weight and serious lack of nutrition. When she was in dormitory, she had stupefied deeply. If I sent her to hospital in few hours later, she would probably sleep forever. I was startled and petrified.
Love can let a healthy girl into the hospital!
Is love worth doing so much for it? Yep, love is a bottomlem pit, it pushes the infatuation teenagers into the death.
The news liked a flying bird, it dispersed everywhere. Lots of students laughed Alicia in private, especially the girls who didn’t like Alicia be Mrs. President. I didn’t divulge a word to her. She stayed in hospital a week, and then went home to have a rest. During the time, Will didn’t call her. I found there were some girls instead of Alicia around him. I was scared telling this to her. I was afraid that she would be crazy. When I called her each time, this poor Alicia always asked me how her boyfriend was, and asked me if student council had any activity like she was the real president of student council. When I response yes, she sounded excited and gave plentiful of suggestions and let me to tell him. When I asked her about her health, she replied:
“Tell Will that don’t worry about me. I will be back soon.”
The day when Alicia came back, I received a note from Will. I took it happily to her, because I though it might be a dating note. God knows, this note made me couldn’t close eye in that night.
“Ah–!” Alicia suddenly cried loudly.
“What’s wrong?” Katherine and I hugged her at once. She passed the note to us. It said: “Alicia, I think we had better separate, because I don’t like you too thin.”
“I need the wine. Where is the wine? I want to drink. I don’t want to think. What is wrong with me? It’s him, he said I was too fat, but now he abandoned me first because I was too thin. Michelle, Katherine, do you think I am too thin? Shit! I treat everyone so well, I treat him even better than myself. I can do anything for him, even killed myself. Why? Where is the wine? Michelle, please buy some drinks to me. You can’t understand how my heart hurt I was now. I want to die. Help me!”
“Wu…” she sobbed. She was out of control. She threw pillow, threw the bedding.
“It’s he, he told me he loved me, he wanted to marry me. I want to die. Michelle, I hate you. If you don’t send me to hospital, if you let me continue sleeping, then I won’t awake, then I will live in his heart, then he can remember me forever, remember what I have done for him, then I won’t face this hard situation. Why? Why don’t you let me die?”
That night was a sleepless night. I lay on my bed. Alicia’s word like the movie scene kept showing in my mind. I found that if the boys treat their girlfriends well a little bit, the girls would devote all their love to their lovers. They would do everything for their boyfriends, they want to share everything with their boyfriends, they even would dream to marry their boyfriend, they would scarify everything for their boyfriends. Was it worth? Love wasn’t asked one side to contribute and then the other side to receive. Love didn’t ask you to lost yourself, but encourage you love yourself more. Only you know how to love yourself, then you had a right to love the other person, then your lover knows how to love you, and you can get more love. If a person even doesn’t know how to love herself, she didn’t have a right to ask for love. Because you didn’t love yourself, how can you require your boyfriend love you? Alicia, why you were so silly? Sometimes, you love deeper; you might be hurt more seriously. My dear Alicia, if you only learn the knowledge from the book, then you wouldn’t be abandoned. The textbook, let us keep a kind of pure.