Local Artist From Rimersburg Show – Art Essay
The local artist from Rimersburg put together a lot of different pieces of art, mostly acrylic paintings although there were a few sketches and sculptures. The

art was different from most of the other art pieces that I have seen. There were some parts that I liked, but I really wasn’t too crazy about his art. One thing that did catch my eye was the backgrounds of his pictures. The colors and the textures are what I liked best about the backgrounds. I wasn’t a fan of the smaller paintings with the swirled colors all over them. Truthfully, the colors in them were getting boring after seeing ten other paintings that all looked alike. I did like the two bigger ones with the swirls. I thought that the swirls made it look like a whole bunch of people standing together. That is why I liked the bigger paintings better that the smaller ones, they looked less confusing and more like whole people. I disliked the other paintings more than the swirl paintings. The white things that were painted on top of the background all looked like body parts having sex. The sculpture also looked like they were having sex. The artist used this really ugly blue color in almost every peace of art he painted. Overall, I didn’t like this art show. I would have liked to have seen more of a variety of paintings, less of the swirl paintings, and to have gotten rid of that ugly blue color.