English – Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing with regard to your article on “success” published in Monday’s edition of your magazine referring to the secondary effects that a successful career might have on certain people and demanding readers like me to send in our opinions on the issue.

Referring to the first question you state on your article, I suppose that if that would or would not be a bad thing depends on your own values’ scale but for mine it would mean that I am giving more important to demonstrate my society status rather than supporting other values I previously would have been defending, such as not being so egocentric. And I strongly believe that it is not people fault wanting to earn a lot of money but society’s because what we really want is not to be rich but to live happily with all the time for our enjoyment, to be free our whole time and able to chose what to do, working just if we look for it. But the problem comes when we associate that freedom with money abundance, a tendency almost impossible to avoid to a certain limit, because nobody would be able to eat and satisfy other primary needs without a basic income, taking for granted not breaking moral or legal rules.

In my opinion, based on a scale of values that many may not agree with, those who earn such lots of money to maintain the lifestyle described on your article should not laugh at the face of those who lack a basic quality of life spending their fortunes on so superficial things. But I honestly recognise that they are in their complete right when doing so because by one way or another they are the ones who have earned it.

Yours faithfully