“The Letter” – English Composition Essay

“The Letter” – English Composition Essay
Minami wrote down the last words, sealing the letter. She went out alone and was ready to mail it. Standing in front of the postbox, she hesitated, for she had no ideas if the letter should be delivered or not. She wandered for a while, and then went to the beach. Walking along the seashore, she looked at the shadow of herself. Minami stopped. She looked at the moon, felt

anxious, and held the letter firmly in her hands, which had the name, “Izumi” on it.

Both they were college students; Minami was a freshman, and Izumi was a sophomore. The first time Minami met Izumi, she had a crush on him. It was an evening and she saw him when he went out of the classroom. He passed her by quickly so she could just give a glance at him. Even only a glance, she had got hooked on the gleam of his eyes. It was so sharp, so haughty that she could not allow herself not to think about it. One day she went to the Audio-visual Center while he was there, doing his part-time job. She was very happy and excited. She borrowed a video, took a seat, and started watching it, but actually she could not concentrated on the movie for his appearance. Minami was very eager to know him, but she was too bashful to talk to him actively. Since then she went to the Audio-visual Center every week when he was there. But she still didn’t know which department he was in, let alone his name.

Until one day Minami joined the welcoming camp for the frosh, some strides started to be made. To her surprise, she found that he joined, too. She fixed her eyes upon him as soon as he showed up. During these two days, she had been observing him. And she drew a conclusion that he was sort of shy and not so talkative. He always acted by himself. It seemed that he never felt lonely and wanted some company. Maybe these observations were not objective and accurate. But most important of all, Minami knew that they were in the same department, he was a sophomore, and that his name was Izumi.
After the camp, Minami had totally fallen in love with Izumi. Every night she lay in bed and tried not to think about him, though she understood that she was only making vain attempts to resist her desire for seeing him. She wanted to know him more, to get more information about him. She wanted all of him. She suffered a lot and couldn’t bear such desire any more, so she wrote down a letter with all her emotions.

Moonlight and sea breeze relaxed Minami. She had made a decision. She went back to the postbox and mailed the letter. Then, she went to the beach again, facing the sea, and said, “May I be your happiness, and then be part of you, your body, your heart, your soul, like flesh and blood sticking to each other, and never be apart from you. If I am not yours, then I wish you could find your true happiness. And hope all my prayers will be answered.” After that, she lay on the ground, felt relieved much, and thought, “Let the letter express my feelings, bring the consequences to me, and decide what my life will be.” And then, she slept sound and peace till the sunshine woke her up in the morning.