We got into a war that had no meaning. There was no weapons of mass destruction and Husein was not a part of the threat. The real threat was with Arafat and Acadia. We chose to detour around the source of the problem causing many lives to be lost for no reason.

We are dealing with people who will take any life at any cost for their religious faith. America had good intentions of helping to change a place to better the world. It was a plan no one wanted to have part of. The world viewed this war as an error. Now this country is a threat for a civil war. They need our help to provide the government we promised them. If we pull our troops out without a last strategy to deter the danger of a civil war, it will be chaos. Peace making efforts with the conflicting tribes should come into consideration. We should convince them that the government we promised will help their nation rather than have them destroy it and suffer the burden of a collapsed state of living. We must work with the people instead of inflicting our ideas of living so they can form the government they so badly need.