The Internet Will Isolate Us – Psychology Short Essay
With the development of computer, Internet is widely used in the world. Everyday thousands of people surf the Internet scanning the latest news, chatting with others, playing online games and so on.

But I think it will isolate us in one way. There is always a generation gap, but nowadays many children spend lots of time playing and chatting online which results in the reduction of the communication between their parents and them, so that the gap widen day by day. Not only the children but some adults will be affected in the same way. As days go by, they will be used to chatting online and feel an aversion to the outside forms of socializing. They just feel intolerable once communicating face to face.

At the same time, does chatting online mean bringing us closer? Certainly not. Can’t you see cheats are discovered one after another some of which even lead to the cheated ones’ suicide. Friends are friends when, and only when, you have seen the whites of their eyes.
In a word, the Internet will isolate us completely one day if we don’t pay enough attention to it.