International Business Career Profile – International Business (400 Level Course)
Sarah Brennan-Peeters
Vice-President of International Sales, Spin Master Toys

1. How did awareness of the target Japanese market help Sarah Brennan-Peeters successfully position the Air Hog?

(Answer) Sarah Brennan-Peeters realized that Japanese consumers are technically oriented, very demanding and would prefer products that are sophisticated and animated. She also knew that traditionally North American toys do not make it onto the shelves in Japan. Knowing these nuances of the target market she decided to make a toy with an aspect that is universal…flight. This along with a slight modification to the packaging made the Air Hog a hit.

2. What advice does Brennan-Peeters propose for individuals and companies planning to go global?

(Answer)Brennan-Peeters advices that if you are considering a career in international organizations, you must be patient, open to new experiences, and willing to travel on your own. She also points out that markets are shrinking, and to keep a competitive advantage, constant innovation is necessary. Lastly, she suggests that “responding to markets, and doing so swiftly, is paramount.”