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The Influence of the News Media – Marketing Essay

The Influence of the News Media – Marketing Essay
When the founding fathers of this nation established the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they saw the freedom of speech and press as a fundamental right necessary to ensure the continued existence of liberty. The role of the

media, especially, news media was to be that of a gatekeeper, acting as a part of the system of checks and balances built into the framework of government. However, along with the development of society, news media made and is making more and more influence on people.

Currently, in a nation where our children spend more time watching television and listening to the radio than they do going to school, they readily believe what they see and hear in the media. These children grow up to become adults who, for the most part, still base their opinions and beliefs on what they see and hear in the media. Although it is true that the media is not effective in telling people what to think, it possesses great power in influencing what people think about.

For the most part, the media is able to decide from what angle they wish to present an issue. This is often done without considering the consequences of what they are purporting to be the “truth”. Take the bombing in city for instance. When the media first reported the tragedy, they speculated that this was the work of “Dongtu”(East Turkistan) terrorists. This resulted in numerous public outcries to shut off the flow of immigrants into big cities, especially from the Sinkiang. This media speculation also increased gap between the southwest of China and the rest of the population. The media has been responsible for the creation and spread of many stereotypes. Irresponsible, speculative reporting has already unfairly damaged the credibility of the southwest of China.

Further evidence suggests that people who rely upon the television news programs as their primary source of information tend to be more cynical and confused when it comes to political issues. This is especially true when the news coverage involves foreign policy.

In conclusion, I have to acknowledge the truth of that news media have passive influence for society, we should possess an objective thinking when we are concerning the news.