Implicit Association Test

The results of the IAT (data suggest little or no association between White American and Native American with foreign and American). I am happy with the results it says I have little or no association between the White and Native American. I think the test produced very valid results. The test did however make me feel a little uncomfortable for some reason I guess maybe because it was meant to be about different subjects I am just not used to categorizing. I answered the questions on the test fast and got 2 red x’s. I am thinking that my results are pretty accurate. I liked taking the test and think I may go back and take a couple more just to see what my results might be with other subjects.

I think it is very difficult to measure prejudice especially since individuals can be influenced unconsciously. I know I have been guilty of stereotyping people because of the way they were dressed. This made me feel guilty but I really thought they might steal something I had in the back of my truck. That made it easy for me to imagine how someone who is prejudice feels about a whole race. It is not a great feeling but sometimes it just feels automatic like maybe we learned these behaviors from watching television. Some families even teach kids to be prejudice I know this from experience. The person who is prejudice has to make his or her own decision and pick if they want to live with prejudice or not. Even if a person seems that they are not prejudice they can always be a timid bigot like chapter 2 explained. I do not think there is a really accurate way of measuring race.

Sociologist use lots of different measurement to try to calculate prejudice. Since prejudice is hard to calculate they have to go off of national surveys or labor force records. Sociologist have also made their own means to try to measure prejudice like the Authoritarian Personality Theory the author of this theory says they have isolated the characteristics of the Authoritarian Personality Theory. This theory has a psychological construct of a personality type likely to be prejudice and use other as scapegoats. The Bogardus Scale measures social distance towards other racial or ethnic groups. This scale seems to be very accurate since they actually ask the people how willing they would be to interact with different racial and ethnic groups.