Impact of Environment on the Inhabitants

People have settled in a wide variety of places around the world wherever people have settled; the climate, water supply, and other geographical features have affected them. This essay will show two

geographic features and how each feature has had an effect on people living in that area.

In one map, there are lots of geographic features. According to the document 2, there are mountains, rivers, and rain forest. In document 2, there is Andes Mountains, Amazon River, Orinoco River, and Tropical rain forest.

The other map, there are lots of geographic features too! According to document 7, there everything except there is no desert in document 2. There is Sahara desert, Niger River, Senegal River, Nile River, Orange River, Zambezi River, Crystal Mountain, Drolsensberg Mountain, Congo River, Kalahari Desert and Malts Mountain.

The effect that people living in that area is that they can travel, and has limited the exchange of goods and ideas between the interiors of America. Also the dense jungles of the Amazon rain forest have blocked travel to the in terror, preventing development of its rich mineral and timber resources.

Therefore the map of geographic features is related to the climate because the mountains has cold climate. Be careful that the temperatures can fall to 50’ or 60’ below zero. It is very cold that time. So stay inside!HHHHH