Immigration in California

Immigration was a big issue for many Americans about 1-½ years ago. When I lived in California it was on of the main problems for the state. Honestly I am more for Immigration then against it, but for a little while I was against it.

I remember how I felt when I thought that I was a minority in the country that I am a citizen in. I was tired of applying for a job and being told that even though I had the education, and experience, I was not qualified because I didn’t speak Spanish. Or when I was trying to enroll into a program at the local college I didn’t qualify because I was not a minority.
It was so frustrating to know that I basically my address said California but it seemed like Mexico. I completely understand why many Americans wanted the borders to be closely watched and why the Governor wanted to send our Troops to guard the borders. The best thing about this is that it opened up a lot of jobs for Americans that paid very well.
After I was being selfish for a couple of month I started thinking: “Who are we to tell people that they couldn’t live here because they are taking up everything?” which was one of the main complaints. All they want is to provide their family with opportunities that they didn’t have and are not able to provide them with in their country. Isn’t that what most Americans stride to do for their families?
I feel that it the system to become a citizen wasn’t so expensive and such a long process then they would be legally. I don’t understand why we pride ourselves to be the greatest country in the world and why we brag about it if we don’t want them to be here. When you think of opportunity you think of America, but yet the “Land of Opportunities” make it hard for others outside this country to experience that opportunities.
Over the years we have witness other countries trying to be just like us. America is a role model for these other countries, and what example have we been setting? Some people in this great country is all about telling everyone how great it is to live here and how ”free” it is , but then we charge some one from a poor country their whole life savings in order to live here and then it’s not even guaranteed that you will be able to stay here How fair and free is that?
Many countries run their government as we do and treat their citizens somewhat like we do. Just like the old motto: “If you can’t beat them, join them!” Why is it so hard for us to let them join us? Other countries basically welcomes us with open arms, we welcome them with armed guards and an American Boot! This is False Advertisement!!!