Hurricane Katrina Survivor Journal Entry – Creative Writing
How does hurricane Katrina affect me personally? Katrina affects me in so many ways that words can not be described. It brought many devastated situation to my life. Like others, my family returned to our home under a damage condition. After the day I left to evacuate for hurricane Katrina, my life started to change from one way to another. Within one month I have traveled to 5

different cities. I started my journey out from New Orleans going to Houston then Lake Charles, from Lake Charles we traveled to Pensacola. Leaving Pensacola to go back to New Orleans in three days then from there we went to Houma and from Houma we went to Houston again, then we traveled from Houston to Austin within one week; after that we went back to Houma for two days then happily being back in New Orleans. During this long everlasting journey, my family and I faced many critical times. Can anyone imagine that within six nights we stayed at five different places? It seems hard to believe but it’s true. During these days, everyone in my family seems to be very worried and unhappy. Every time we turned on the news from our hotel room, everyone started to get quiet and have different thoughts running through our minds. One big concern to my parent was our house, not because it cost a lot but because that’s the only thing we accomplished within 7 years living in United States. No feelings can be worst than knowing everything you own is being taken away from you. Just thinking of the fact that the house may be flooded to the roof no one was on the mood of doing anything.

One main similarity from people evacuated for hurricane Katrina is that no one suspected we would go for a one month trip. Therefore, I believed that every family I know of only packed for a 2 or 3 days trip. My family was no different; we only packed two outfits for everyone. I remembered every time we arrived at a new city we have to go find a Laundromat to wash our clothes. As days past by and things are still the same, I started to think of negative thoughts and begin to realize that my life may never be the same due to the fact that I have to attend new school and make new friends. I have never thought of the things I have until I loose it. For example, my friend, I never knew how important they are to me until I see other people with their friends and I have no friends.

In conclusion, I feel very blessed for what I have today. Although I went through many tough times but compare to other people I think that my family and I are very lucky that we still have a place to live and a life to start over. Unlike other people who return home and see their house being wash away by water and have lost everything they own. After this enormous tragedy, I have seen myself in a different perspective.