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How to Change Your Own Oil

Knowing how to change your own oil makes it easier to maintain your vehicle. You will need to get the following items: a jack, a container to drain the oil into, the proper oil filter for your vehicle, know

how much oil to get and what kind, oil filter wrench, a wrench to remove the plug from the oil pan. The first step you do after getting your tools and supplies together is to make sure the car has turned off and cooled down because the oil could burn you. Next, you jack the front of the car up to a safe height to get to the oil pan plug.

Then, you take the container and place it underneath the plug bolt. Next, you will slowly loosen the bolt to let the oil drain out into the container without dropping the bolt into the oil. After the oil drains out of the oil pan, remove the old oil filter and let it drain into the bucket.

Then, put the plug back in the oil pan, and put the new oil filter on with the oil filter wrench. Next, you pour the new oil in the motor through the spot where the cap says “Oil Here.” After the oil being poured, let it settle through the motor. After about 15 minutes, let the jack down, and start the car making sure the oil pressure is good. After everything checks out ok, put all the tools away, and properly dispose of the oil. Now you have saved time and money by changing your own oil.