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Homelessness In The United States

Just about everywhere you go to visit these days you will see a lot of homeless people. Usually they will not be a threat to you but sometimes they will harass people to get things from them that they want. Since

this has been happening to a lot of people they are starting to get bad reputations. People will walk down the street and see others digging through trash or sleeping on park benches. When this happens they will usually start talking trash about them.

The truth is that you can not judge people by what actions they need to take to survive in this world. No one knows what struggles they put up with everyday. Yes, it is true that some homeless people are just too lazy to try and get jobs. On the other hand some people have mental problems or health problems that restrict them from working.

Some groups of people have come up with an idea to send them back to their families and have them stay there until they get back up on their feet. In a way this seems kind of pointless because if they wanted their families help then they most likely would of already moved back in with them to begin with. Some people will not go back home to their families because they want to prove that they can make it on their own even if they have to go through certain struggles.

Police officers in some cities will crack down hard on the homeless people while others tend to look the other way. I think that if the police and other law makers in all cities work together to help we could have a chance at turning this unfortunate life style for people around. We don’t have to sit there and support them by giving them money for beer or other things they want but we could help find them jobs. Even if the jobs weren’t permanent just get them ones that will give them a type of income to slowly get back up on their feet.

In conclusion, as long as we keep ignoring this situation or just waste time talking bad about these people nothing is going to change. Everyone needs to help by finding them options that they may be incapable of doing themselves. Maybe with a little patience and time we all can fight this horrible situation that no one deserves to be in.