“Holocaust Literature Reflection” – History Essay

“Holocaust Literature Reflection” – History Essay

“We lament in fields of loneliness for six million of one number torn away. Remember them.” This quote is from an anonymous author who was remembering all of the innocent people that were killed during the Holocaust. The Holocaust was during World War One from the years of 1933-1945. During this period innocent people were killed because they were Jewish, handicapped, homosexual, a gypsy or any other type that the Nazis didn’t like.

In the book, All But My Life, a memoir written by Gerda Weissmann Klein, a survivor from the Holocaust tells her story of what she went through. There were many memorable parts, but I can remember one part that I will never forget.

The most memorable part for me was when Gerda was at Bolkenhain on page 133, Part Two, Chapter 5. Frau Kügler, a German, was in charge of everyone at this camp. One of the days at camp Gerda began to run a very high fever. The nurse, Litzi, decided to keep her from working because she was feeling terrible fatigue. Gerda had been in there for two days when Frau Kügler came running in. She told Gerda to hurry up and get dressed to go work in the factory. Gerda was really confused, but she did what she was told. When Gerda got there she started working, but felt very sick and could hardly stand.

Frau Kügler rushed over to her and said, “Pull yourself together, Gerda, it is a matter of life or death!” A few minutes later she saw an SS man walk by. She learned later that the ones who were ill were sent straight to Auschwitz. Gerda learned that day that not all Germans were bad people. This was my favorite part because it showed how kind even people against you can be.

In conclusion, I learned a lot from this part of the story. Next time I can help someone this much, I will definitely do it. Frau Kügler was very brave and if I could ever get to know her I would commend her. Gerda was very strong and very lucky to have such a good friend like Frau Kügler.