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Holiday Inn Case Study – Business Paper

Holiday Inn Case Study – Business Paper
I am going to produce a report on a large sized organisation. I have decided to investigate a large hotel chain called intercontinental hotels group plc.

I will find out the following information:

• Details of their important stakeholders

• How Customers are protected by the law

• The job roles in the organisation

• The working arrangements for staff in the organisation

• How staff are recruited and trained

• Employer and employee rights

• Health and safety issues in the organisation.

Intercontinental hotels group plc (I.H.G) is the world’s most global hotel company and has the largest number of rooms .the group has more than 350 owned, leased, managed and franchised hotels and approximately 536,000 guest rooms across nearly 100 country territories.

The group owns many different brands of hotels:

• Intercontinental hotels

• Crown plaza hotels and resorts

• Holiday inn hotels and resorts

• Indigo hotels

• Holiday inn express

• Candle wood suites

• Stay bridge suites

For my portfolio I am going to investigate this company and focus on the holiday inn hotels and resorts brand of hotels.

Holiday inn hotels can be found all over the world no matter where you are travelling you will find a familiar place to stay at holiday inn hotels. With more than 1,500 holiday inn full service hotels around the world, you will be sure to find a convenient location offering many features to make your stay more enjoyable including comfortable guest rooms equipped with coffee makers, hair dryers and irons. today’s holiday inn hotel offers travellers full service amenities such as restaurants and room service, relaxing lounge, swimming pool and fitness centre for the business traveller today’s holiday inn hotel offers 24 hour business services, meeting facilities and the holiday inn meeting promise. Today’s holiday inn offers you more of what you are looking for.

The Holiday Inn History

The holiday inn is a medium to large sized business there is 3,500 spread all around the world

This is a map of the holiday inn which is in Bexley

On 1st August 1952, the first Holiday Inn hotel opened on a roadside location in Memphis, Tennessee, the result of one man’s refusal to compromise his standards.
Today, Holiday Inn continues to lead the way. Intercontinental Hotels Group, owned by Intercontinental TM Hotels Group of the UK with head offices in Atlanta and Brussels, operates or franchises more than 2800 hotels with 450,000 guest rooms in over 90 countries worldwide.

Entrepreneur Kemmons Wilson opened his first Holiday Inn hotel on the outskirts of his home town after he had repeatedly encountered uncomfortable, inconsistent and overpriced accommodation on his leisure holiday. This hotel had 120 guest rooms each with a private bathroom, air conditioning and a telephone. Additional features included a swimming pool, free ice cubes, free parking and dog kennels. Children under 19 years old could stay free in their parents’ room.


A stakeholder is any one who is interested in a business. A stakeholder does not have to be part of the business to be a stakeholder. If they are affected by the business then they will be a stakeholder. A business has lots of different stakeholders such as customers, owners and shareholders, pressure groups, the community, the government, financiers, suppliers and employees and managers.

The community

The community is interested in the job availability, environmental and social issues. They are concerned about pollution and the times of the deliveries because if the deliveries are at night time they will get annoyed over the noise and complain to the business and give them a bad name. They do not want the fresh air or clean water getting polluted. They might join or set up a pressure group of people to help complain to the company. The community feels the company should get involved in some of the main events or sponsor the event. If the local community are not happy then they will set up a campaign to force the holiday inn to change or shut down.


If a customer goes to a business they are looking for good service and good quality of the goods they are buying. So the company tries its best to try keep the customers coming to their in there business. They don’t wont unhappy customers to spread a bad word about them and put the reputation of the company in danger. If they do give them a bad reputation the business will lose its customers and become bankrupt and lose its business. In some companies they have to have health and safety checks for customers to be safe. In the holiday inn there are two types of customers

The first type of customers is the corporate customers, this is people who belong to a main company and want a quick and efficient service they don’t want the staff to listen to their meetings they want them to be private and confidential. They expect to have internet access in the hotel room. They also want to be able to use different size conference rooms so they will be able to use them for meetings and have different amounts of people in the meetings.

The second type of customers is the leisure customers, these are ordinary people who would use the hotel and its facilities for there enjoyment and holidays. They expect the staff to give them directions to the theme parks and beaches etc. They want the hotel to have good and clean facilities they would want the food to be fresh and not to be burnt. They don’t want to be ignored and treated as if they are there for business. They want the swimming pools to be cleaned regularly. They want the staff to know the area to help them out. Some people like to have there weddings at the hotel they expect the bar to have full stock and to have place decorated nicely to have the photos taken. They expect the staff’s service to be great. The holiday inn has leaflet points inside the hotel to help the customers find out where the parks, play areas, shows, theme parks, etc. the hotel has luxury rooms for the customers to relax and enjoy there selves. The holiday inn does provide disabled rooms with wheelchair access so the disabled people can have the chance to go on holiday. The disabled people expect to be able to access to the hotel and rooms without having to go up any stairs and be able to enjoy them selves without having to struggle. The holiday inn train there staff to be very friendly and helpful so the customers are happy with there service and come back to the holiday inn next time they go back on holiday. The hotel keeps the customers interested by doing special offers and gives them free evening meals on certain nights.

If the customer is not happy then they might phone the holiday inn and complain, or they might leave there holiday and go home or to a different hotel and give the holiday inn a bad reputation. If the holiday inn gets a bad reputation then it will lose more customers because people may not like what they have heard about the holiday inn, when this happens then the holiday inn may become bankrupt though losing all of their customers.

The financiers

The financiers are interested in how the business is doing so they know when they can get there money back with a bit of interest and if the business is ok to give them any more loans in the future. If the company is unable to repay its loan then the bank will be able to take over the business and sell it to get its money back what the company borrowed.

Then the company will become bankrupt and unable to carry on running the business. If the financiers are not happy they will quit and the holiday inn will not know how much it has to spend and if they are in debt.

The Managers

Managers get paid more money than the employees they will get bonuses for there work and they have to motivate there staff at the beginning of the week so they are ready to work to there full potential throughout the whole of the week if the staff are working less than they can the manager has to motivate them again.

If the employee is never working as good as he/she needs to be they may send him/her on a course to help regain his/her job but some companies will give them about three warnings then tell them if there being sacked or not. If the managers are not happy they will not be able to motivate the staff good enough so the holiday inn will not be able to run from day to day.

The Suppliers

The suppliers are interested if they can get money for the products they deliver if they don’t get there money then they will tell other suppliers and won’t deliver any more products to the company and the other suppliers will not let the company order any products from them. The suppliers are local or national. Local means they only deliver to the surrounding area. National means they deliver all over the world. The suppliers have to deliver the goods maybe at the daytime or at an appropriate time or the local community will complain to them if they are trying to sleep. Good suppliers are important to a business because they need to rely on them for there supplies. If the suppliers are not happy with the holiday inn they will stop supplying the goods to the holiday inn and tell other suppliers about the holiday inn making it hard for the holiday inn to find a good supplier.

The Government

The Governments main interest as stakeholders is that they want to make sure that they get corporation tax off the business. Corporation tax is the tax that a business pays out of its profits. The government also has an interest in weather or not a business is abiding by the law. If the business is not abiding by the law then the government will shut the business down or recall the item sold and put a ban on it.

If the government are not happy they will send inspectors to check the cleanliness of the kitchens in the holiday inn or they might fine the holiday inn to warn them that they are not up to standard, they may even shut the business down until it can reach the standards.

Pressure groups

Pressure groups are groups that force companies to change what they sell or what there opening times are and the times of delivery’s and put pressure on them. They also try to give them a bad name by:

• Protesting

• giving them a bad name

• putting there point in the newspapers

They also care about the environment and the rivers and seas. The trade unions are main types of pressure groups trade unions are groups that help to give advice to employees telling them what to do if they are not getting equal pay, unfair dismissal, etc. The staff at the holiday inn are not members of a trade union because the hotel industry is not yet unionised this is a disadvantage to them because they do not have any where to turn to when they have problems with the business this might cause problems later when they want to get promoted.

When the pressure groups are not happy they will put there point in the newspapers or protest which will give the holiday inn a bad name.

Owners and Shareholders

People become stakeholders by buying the shares. Then they come under the category owners and shareholders. They are called these because they own some of the shares from the business. If the business is doing well they can sell them for more than they paid but if the business is going down hill they will try to sell them quick so they can get some money for them. When the business becomes bankrupt the shares will be no good and you would waste your money by buying them. If the owners and shareholders are not happy with the holiday inn then they will sell there shares and then will not be a stakeholder any more and will give the holiday inn a bad name.


The employees do most of the work and greet most of the people who stay in the hotel. The employees get paid an average rate and probably don’t get bonuses unless they get promoted. These have interviews on regular basis. The employees will get interviewed by the human resources managers. Interviewing employees is important as for the managers need to know if they need promoting or demoting. They will then try to find a place higher up for the employee to be promoted.

The company has to have a health and safety check every so often to make sure the surrounding area is safe for the employees and in some cases the customers. The employees can sue the company if they get hurt though the companies fault. The employees have to be trained to do there job good enough to impress the customers or they might get fired.

If they get fired but the company has not got an official reason then the employee can sue the company for sacking them without a reason. The company has to give the employee a contract telling them how many weeks notice they have to give them before they sack them it has to be at least four weeks notice before they can sack them or the employee can sue the company.

In the contract both parties (the employer and employee) have to sign it making it a legally binding document. If the employee is unhappy with the holiday inn then they can terminate there contract and then give the holiday inn a bad name.

Customers Service

For many businesses, putting the customers first is a prime aim. The holiday inn makes sure that there customer service is the best and up to a great standard so they do not lose any customers or get a bad image. Customer service is the way a business treats the customers and how they present there company’s image. The staff must know what to do if a customer is not happy with what they paid for, the way staff have treated them and how long they have had to wait to get what they want. The staff has to treat the customer as number one to keep them satisfied with the service they are receiving.

If the customer is unhappy with the service or the way they have been treated they may have demands to see the manager. They have to know about the available product range, that the product range can be delivered if necessary, if the product is safe and reliable, be able to provide information and advice on a product, whether or not the customer can pay over a period of time, if after-sales-service are available- guarantees, spare parts, help-lines. The holiday inn train there staff to know this information so they can get a good reputation and gain more profits.

Customer service can happen inside the company and outside. Inside means the employees treating each other as customers for smooth and efficient work. Outside means the employees treating the customers nice and being friendly to them. Customer service should be the main aim of every business. To provide an excellent service is also to provide excellent product information so the customer knows what they are paying for.

Good businesses will give customers cards, leaflets or questionnaires to see if they are happy with there service if they get a bad reply then they will try to fix the problem and reply to the customer telling them they have improved if they have improved. If the business gets a complaint they will try to sort it out quickly and efficiently or the customer will get more annoyed. In order to keep the customer they have to make sure that the problems will not happen again. If the problems happen again then the customers are likely to go some where else to get there products and may give the company a bad name by spreading the word of what the service is like to stop other customers from using the service.

They may also complain about the company which is a lot of hassle for the company and it may waste a lot of there time and money which the business cant afford to waste this money. If a business wins the customers satisfaction then the customer will spread what they think of the company but if the business disappoints the customer then they will tell all there friends so the business will lose more customers.

If a business has a website then they must treat this as customer service and make sure it is updated and has a fast connection speed so the customer does not have to wait for a long time to enter the web pages, they must also make it able to order or reserve there product. The holiday inn recruit staff to make sure this is a good service.

Consumer Protection

A consumer uses the goods or services to help them maybe relax, have fun or save time. The consumer is protected by the supply of goods and services act 1982, this protects them by stating that anyone who supplies a service (a holiday) must carry out the work

• with reasonable care and skill

• within a reasonable time

• at a reasonable price

Job Roles Explained

General Manager

The general manager of any business is the person who has the most responsibility within the business. The general manger of the holiday inn is called Jay Welinkar. He has to make sure the hotel meets the budget limit which is agreed with the head office. He must talk to the main people within the business to make sure that targets are being met. This is done by making sure there are more people coming to the hotel. He must also make sure the company meets other strategies so they can get a higher budget limit for the next year.

All the senior members of staff have a meeting with the general manager to talk about the previous day’s financial business, any guest comments, maintenance issues and the day ahead. A four year collage degree is preferred or equivalent work experience. Special consideration will be given to those who exhibit exemplary performance.

Operations Manager

The operations manager runs the business on a day to day basis and when the general manager isn’t there he has to take over his job until he is back. Gianfranco Boccuzzi from the holiday inn has to meet with all the head of departments and discuss staffing problems, serious guest complaints, and anything which the department can deal with on there own. He has to arrive really early in the morning to check if the hotel is generally clean ready for the guests.

To make sure guests are comfortable he will meet with them maybe at breakfast and talk to them asking if there are any problems and try to make it the best holiday for them.


Being a receptionist is important because you will have to be friendly with the guests because that is the first impression of the hotel so they want it to be a good one to keep the guests happy with the hotel. This is also the main point where all the messages come though whether it is for staff or guests. Excellent communication skills are required for the role both verbal and written. Ensure our guests receive a warm friendly welcome while delivering fast efficient accurate check in and check out.

The Food And Beverage Manager

The food and beverage manager plays an important role in the hotel. Apart from the general manager and the operations manager the food and beverage manager runs the biggest number of staff in the hotel, this is because his job is to run three small departments:

Restaurant —Serve all the meals in the hotel during breakfast lunch and dinner and also for any functions which the hotel holds, such as weddings.

Room Service—Serve all the room service meals to the guests. They are responsible for taking the order, placing the order with the kitchen and delivering the food to the guest’s rooms.

Bar– The bar staff serve all the beverages in the hotel. This can be to guests who just want a drink in the hotel lounge, to guests who are sitting at a table in the restaurant, or for a room service order. Strong coach/leader whose commitment to training his/her staff is paramount.

Head Chef

The head chef is in control of all the food prepared for the hotel he has to sort out the daily breakfast, dinner or lunch, wedding dinner, conferences and room service orders. The head chef does not prepare any of the meals he has a group of people who prepare the meals for him.

To effectively run the hotel kitchen in areas of profit management, stock, wastage control, hygiene, organisation, food standards, observations, training and personnel within the department. To have a thorough knowledge of the law with regard to the following company regulations:

– Fire regulations and procedures

– Health and safety regulations

– First aid procedures

– Food hygiene regulations Food Safety Manual

-To ensure that all kitchen personnel are correctly attired and to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and cleanliness.

To undertake special duties or work outside the normal daily/weekly routine but within the overall scope of the position at the request of the Operations Manager/General Manager.

The Head Housekeeper

The head housekeeper has to ensure that her staff are cleaning the rooms proper and which rooms are not clean, she will then have to send someone to clean that room to make sure the guests are happy with there room. If they are not happy with it she will clean it herself to meet there standards.

The Head Housekeeper is responsible for managing her stocks of cleaning materials, bed linen, and must maintain constant communication with the maintenance department for anything broken or damaged in the rooms such as light bulbs, broken furniture. This will reduce guest complaints and improve the guest satisfaction.

The head house keeper’s job role is to ensure that your teams are developed to deliver the brand standards outlined in the hotel operating manual.

Sales Manager

The sales manager has to deal with all the promotions, posters, advertisements. When people stop coming to the hotel and the level of people start to drop the sales manager talks to the general manager to put any strategies in to action to get more people to come to the hotel and use there facilities, this can be done by advertising to the local press and having special offers in newspapers and on the internet.

The Sales Manager will receive a basic salary and will receive a bonus if they achieve a level of occupancy in the hotel. This will keep them focused and always working hard to reach their goal. Prior sales experience mandatory. Would prefer previous experience in hotel sales.

The Accounts Manager

The accounts manager is responsible for ensuring that the accounts department is run properly and effectively it is his responsibility to make sure that their tax fillings are done correctly in accordance with the law. He meets often with the local government tax authority for the Borough of Bexley. Also he controls all the money coming in and going. The account manager is assisted by a team of four accountants as all the departments are ordering new stock they have to ensure that the payments are made on time. If not then they have to try getting the money and paying the company the money.

The accounts department will prepare figures on a daily basis for the General Manager, so that he can see exactly how the hotel is managing financially. Accounts administrator is required to perform the daily banking reports, balance postings and ensure all revenues are balanced and

If you have an eye for detail, you can interpret information to communicate with others and enjoy working in a small but busy team this could be the opportunity for you. Petty cash postings must be checked to ensure they have the correct backup and floats must also be checked on a weekly basis. The Accounting Manager should be hospitality experienced and familiar with most systems such as: Quick Books, PAYCHEX, Microsoft, OSAS, Microsoft Excel, Word and Holidex. Previous experience as a hotel Account Manager desirable

Conference manager

The conference manager’s main responsibility is to take bookings for the meeting rooms which the hotel has. The Academy Conference Centre has a reception desk much the same as the main hotel reception and works in the very same way. However, rather than checking guests in and out of the hotel, they check conference guests into and out of the conference centre. He must communicate with the F&B manager to make sure that food is made and delivered on time to the conference rooms.

They take on a small role similar to the Sales Manger by showing the facilities to prospective customers who may be thinking about booking a conference or meeting at the hotel in the future. He arranges what rooms the meetings are in. To ensure the adherence of company standards, policies and procedures through on-going training, leadership, guidance and equitable enforcement of progressive discipline and know the Achievement of budgeted profitability through effective management of food and beverage cost control procedures, and effective allocation of labour.


A reference/referee is somebody who a potential employee gives their potential employee permission to contact to make queries about them


In the human resources department recruitment and selection is a main role. Recruitment is when a company needs employees and advertises for a job application, when the pile of application forms arrives on the desk from the post and they have to find the right person to do a particular job in the company then they have to move on to selection. Selection is when the human resources department looks though the pile of application forms; they will then arrange to see the people who fit there needs from the piles to have a meeting with them and will choose someone from that category.

They can choose to promote someone from inside the company these are internal candidates or they can select someone from outside the business this is an external candidate

The benefits from choosing an internal candidate is other employees think they might get a promotion; they will get more applicants if they think they could get a promotion in the future, they know the company and can learn the job quickly.

The benefits of choosing an external candidate is by bringing a new person in to the company may bring new skills and ideas and there will be a wider range of selection showing the company is an equal opportunities employer.

If they want to get an external candidate then they will advertise in the newspapers, on the internet, in shop windows and trough leaflets. When advertising they need to make sure they don’t go against any laws and mention and they mention what type of person is needed for the job. The new staff can only be hired when the company needs someone and when the company can afford to pay for the wages of the new staff. Some departments get a budget limit for staff and they are only allowed to recruit someone if it has been agreed by the management.

A job description is a list telling people what they have to do in there new job if they do not like it then they should not apply for the job. They will put this in the job description in the advertisement so the applicants know what to do.

A person specification is what qualifications, skills and attributes the person needs to do the certain job that is available if they do not have these skills then they will not be able to get the job they applied for. A specification will help deal with to process the applications more fairly and easier.

In this part of the recruitment is to advertise the job that is available. Advertisements are usually drafted up using the information from the job description and person specification. The applicants may be asked to:

• Send in a CV (curriculum vitae)

• Complete an official application form

• To call in to the human resources department in person

A CV is a document that tells your employer what skills you have, name, address, previous jobs and qualifications.

Legal and ethnic

All companies should be equal opportunities employers

Recruitment of workers in the holiday inn

Within the holiday inn there are highly skilled, skilled and unskilled workers. The holiday inn has different types of jobs such as waiting staff, managers, bar staff, accountants and lifeguards.

Skilled workers

There are two types of skilled workers there are semi-skilled workers and highly skilled workers. Skilled workers are people who have experience or qualifications. Highly skilled workers will be able to apply for jobs higher up in the company such as a manager or head of department. Semi-skilled workers will apply for positions higher than the lower jobs but may get jobs as managers.

When recruiting skilled workers the company will look in a variety of places. If they needed to recruit a highly skilled worker then they will advertise in national newspapers, look though existing CVs and look in recruitment agencies.
When they are looking to recruit semi-skilled workers they will advertise in local newspapers, on the internet and in job centers.

The holiday inn will recruit mainly unskilled workers and only some skilled workers most of the managers are skilled workers there will only be one or two exceptions with the mangers. The reason the managers have to be skilled is because they need to know more about their specific job than the lower workers.

Unskilled workers

Unskilled workers are people who do not have any formal qualifications or training. These people may work as cleaners, waiters and bar staff. Most of the staff in the holiday inn are unskilled this is because most hotel work does not need qualifications to do them. Cleaners don’t need a-levels to be able to clean a bedroom. When the hotel needs to recruit someone it is up to the head of departments to recruit any unskilled employees.

The holiday inn has a variety of places where they can get unskilled employees i.e. job center, local newspapers, university notice boards, local community centre notice board and at collages.

Bar staff

Most bar workers are unskilled or semi-skilled workers. The bar manager (food and beverage manager) takes on the role of recruiting bar staff. The bar staff are mainly part time workers. The holiday inn advertises in three ways:

• Though Job centers.

• Looking at C.Vs.

• Putting notices in the university/collage notice boards

They advertise in the university and collages is because it is the trend to have young people as bar staff another reason is because students are able to work at flexible times making them the ideal workers.

Cleaning staff
Cleaning staff are another example of unskilled workers. They are recruited in the same ways as the bar staff are recruited. A high percentage of the housekeeping staff in the holiday inns workers are from abroad. I think the reason they choose a cleaning job is because they cannot speak English or there English is poor so they choose cleaning jobs so they don’t have to speak to anyone or speak a lot.

Reception staff

Reception staff are mainly semi-skilled workers. The holiday inn get people who have some level of administration training but when recruiting they must look further than qualifications and skills. They need to look for people who have high levels of interpersonal skills and potentially good at dealing with difficult customers and are able to cope in difficult situations they also need to know how to deal with customers complaints, demands and problems they will need to deal with stuff efficiently.

There is no point in the holiday inn recruiting reception staff that have very poor interpersonal skills or they will be wasting there time and money as for they will have to sack them and then recruit someone else. The head receptionist Rachel Fox will deal with recruiting the receptionists she will do this by

• Reading though existing CVs to see if there is anyone possibly suitable.

• If they don’t find anyone from the CVs then they will have to start to look externally

• They will place advertisements in the local newspapers to get people interested in the job

• Some times they will look in the job centers to see if they have any one to match there description

Sales Staff

The sales manager is the person responsible for recruiting the sales staff. He will look for people who are outgoing, creative and motivated. The sales teams are usually highly skilled workers so the manager will recruit them in three main ways. The one what he/she is likely to use most is in the national newspapers however they also use recruitment agencies and CVs which they have received.

Accounts Staff

The staff that works in the accounts department is usually semi and highly skilled workers. There is a slight chance that that some times there will be someone that has not got any formal training. The accounts manager is responsible for dealing with the recruitment of accounts staff. He/she will do this in a number of different ways

• CVs

• Recruitment agencies

• Newspapers

The recruitment agencies are ideal for looking and finding accounts staff. They agency can search its database to find a match for the requirements that the holiday inn are looking for.

Waiters and waitresses

Waiting staff are generally unskilled workers and are quiet young. The waiting staff will have to be friendly and kind to the customers to keep them happy. The food and beverage manager will deal with the recruitment of the waiting staff he/she will advertise at collage and universities notice boards or look though existing CVs he/she may even advertise on the internet.

Maintenance staff

The maintenance staff are mainly unskilled workers. They will take on the role of the daily janitor duties i.e. changing light bulbs, fixing railings, fixing the electrics and more. The operations manager will be the one to appoint them, he will recruit them from two places he will look in the local job centre or advertise in the local newspaper

Head of departments

The heads of departments are:

• Head receptionist

• Head housekeeper

• Head chef

• Food and beverage manager

• Sales manager

• Accounts manager

• Conference manager

Most of the heads of departments above are highly qualified workers.
The operations manager and the general manager are in control of the recruitment of the middle management they will be very particular about what they expect from employees of this level and they will outline there requirements in a detailed job specification.

They will recruit middle management in the following ways. They will look though the current CVs that they have received. They will also advertise in the national newspapers the reason for this is that they will get a response from a wider range of people, so then they will have more possible candidates to select from.
They will also register there requirements with the local recruitment agencies.

The intercontinental group have there own website on which people can apply for jobs. The general and operations managers will look at the information of people who are registered on it to see if any of them might be suitable to fit the job they need to fill.


The general manager will be highly skilled as well as the operations manager these will be even more skilled than the rest of the employees. The reason they are skills and qualifications are a lot higher than any one else’s is because they have to make sure everyone else is doing there job. If someone is not doing there job then they will contact the head of departments to tell them what there staff are doing wrong.

The general manager has to think up of strategies in case the business starts to go down hill. If this happens then the general manager will have to meet with the rest of the managers and tell them his plan of action. The operations manager will run the hotel on a daily basis and if there is a big problem then he will contact the general manager.

The director of the business will be the person who recruits the managers the reason they recruit them is because they are the next below them so it is them who will make the choice. When they need to recruit on then they will advertise in national newspapers, though CVs and on the internet.

Employee’s rights and responsibilities

An employee must receive a contract; a contract is a legally binding agreement between two people. A contract of employment is when someone offers to work for someone else but get paid for the work e.g. employer and employee. Employees are entitled to four weeks paid holidays a year. An employee is entitled to be given a proper amount of notice if the employer wants to terminate their position. An employee must take reasonable care when using the employer’s equipment; they must also carry out there duties with care and skill. An employee must obey reasonable orders from the employer this means stuff which is covered by their contract of employment an employee must always play fair with the employer e.g. they must not work for the competitor and give away trade secrets.

The employees in the holiday inn respect their working environment and take care when dealing with customers.

Employee duties

Employers are entitled to expect certain things from their employees in return

• Employees must be available, willing and capable to work

Employees must be able to work at almost any time and they must be willing to work for the employer. If they are not physically or mentally fit to do the job they may be forced out of there job. In the holiday inn the receptionist must feel comfortable talking to people or this will effect the reputation of the holiday inn.

• Employees must take reasonable care and skill when doing the job

Employees must take good care of the customer or it will affect the business. They must be skilled at there job or the may bring hazard to there self or others around them. The chef in the holiday inn must know how to use the cookers and ovens or they will cause a fire hazard.

• Employees must take proper care of their employer’s premises and equipment.

Employees must take care of their employer’s equipment as if it was their own equipment. The receptionist in the holiday inn has to take care of the computers and the chef must not damage the cookers or smash plates.

• Employees must obey reasonable orders.

If the employer asks the waiters to collect the plates then they must do it but if he/she asks them to clean rooms then they do not have to do it this is because it is not covered in their contract

• Employees must always play fair with the employer

An employee must not work for a competitor at the same time and give away trade secrets. In the holiday inn the employees can not work for a different hotel company and tell them if the holiday inn is giving free child places or discounts.

Employee’s health and safety at work

Employees have a right to safe and healthy working conditions. The health and safety officer will usually deal with all the things to do with health and safety. The laws of health and safety make both the employer and employee responsible for health and safety in the work place.

There are two Acts which cover anyone on the premises in health and safety. The first Act which deal’s with health and safety in the work place is “the health and safety at work Act 1974” this Act makes it so the employer must provide:

• Safe entrances an exits

• Safe equipment and machinery

• Training to ensure that staff work safely

• Written statement of the health and safety policy

The health and safety 1974 applies to all work premises. Anyone who enters the premises is within the cover of the health and safety Act 1974. The health and safety policy must be updated, rewritten and distributed to employees continually. This Act means putting two requirements on the employees:

• To take care of their own health and safety and the health and safety of others who might be effected by their own activities

• Employees are also required to co-operate with their employer or any one else acting on there behalf with regards of health and safety.

The second piece of legislation that deals with health and safety is called the workplace (health, safety and welfare) regulations 1992.

1. Work environment

• Effective ventilation. In the Holiday Inn they have air conditioning and windows to provide enough ventilation

• Reasonable temperature. The Holiday Inn will turn on the radiators if it gets too cold for the guests. If it is to hot they will put on the air conditioning on or open the windows.

• Adequate and emergency lighting. In the Holiday Inn there are certain lights that stay on when there is an emergency.

• Sufficient space. Employees needed some room to move so they are not tripping over each other or any objects.

• Suitable work stations. The receptionists in the Holiday Inn need some room to work on the computers and have to have a clean and suitable workstation

2. Safety

• Traffic routes for pedestrians and vehicles to circulate in a safe manner. This applies in the Holiday Inn when in the car park if they drive to fast there might be an accident.

• Properly constructed doors, gates and escalators. This means that electric doors have to have proper timings so there not to fast or to slow. The Holiday Inn has proper timings on the doors for elevators, escalators and electric doors.

• Properly constructed and maintained floors. The reason for this is so people don’t trip up and hurt themselves.

• Safe windows and skylights. The Holiday Inn has locks on the windows so they don’t open fully.

• Safeguards to prevent people or objects from falling from a height. The Holiday Inn has barriers around the balconies to stop people or objects from falling.

3. Facilities

• Sufficient toilet facilities. Meaning the toilets must be clean and have enough space for guests to move around.

• Adequate supply of water. The Holiday Inn needs enough hot water for all the guests to get showers or use the hot water.

• Adequate seating. The Holiday Inn must have enough seating for everyone who uses the restaurant and to watch the entertainment.

• Suitable storage for clothing. This will require wardrobes to be clean and have some hangers to hang cloths on. They will also need to be big enough to fit a reasonable amount of cloths.

• Rest areas. The Holiday Inn has large waiting areas near the reception.

• Adequate facilities for people who eat at work. They have a staff kitchen where they can cook stuff in the microwave or cooker.

4. housekeeping

• Proper maintenance of all work places equipment and facilities. They have a maintenance manager who is employed to do this.

• Cleanliness of all work places.