Health Care

National health care would be a horrible plan for the Unites States right now. There isn’t a single government agency or division that runs efficiently. Americans don’t really want an organization that developed the U.S. Tax Code handling something as complex as health care. Free health care isn’t really free since we must pay for it with taxes; expenses for health care would have to be paid for with higher taxes or spending cuts in other areas such as defense and education. Profit motives, competition, and individual cleverness have always led to greater cost control and effectiveness.

Government controlled health care would lead to a decrease in patient flexibility. Patients aren’t likely to control their drug costs and doctor visits if health care is free. Total costs will be several times what they are now. Nonprofit and government-run hospitals provide services to those who don’t have insurance, and it is illegal to refuse emergency medical service because of a lack of insurance. Malpractice lawsuit costs, which are already could further explode since universal care may expose the government to legal liability, and the possibility to sue someone with deep pockets usually invites more lawsuits. Patients may be subjected to extremely long waits for treatment.

Universal health care should be effect in America. The number of uninsured citizens has grown to over 45 million and Health care has become more and more unaffordable for businesses and individuals. We can eliminate wasteful inefficiencies such as photocopy paper work, claim approval, insurance submission. We can develop a central national database which makes diagnosis and treatment easier for doctors. Medical professionals can focus on healing the patient rather than on insurance procedures and malpractice liability. Free medical services would encourage patients to practice defensive medicine and request about problems early when treatment will be light; currently, patients often avoid physicals and other protective measures because of the costs. Patients with pre-existing conditions can still get health coverage.

I think National Health care should develop in the United Sates. Most of these people are doing their best in low paying jobs and they are being penalized for not being on welfare, were they would get health care. Though the number of uninsured is large, the cost of providing them comprehensive care is small, because the sickest already receive expensive hospital care when their lives are threatened. Big companies are already subsidizing those without health care by being forced to pay extra on prescriptions and hospital cost. If this load was shared, our corporations could be more competitive with the rest of the world. There are huge companies who make billions off the current system and are contributing millions to politicians to make sure we don’t end up with Nation Health Care. National health insurance is paid for with taxes that replace premiums. Universal health care will increase a person’s life expectancy and save lives.