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Great Gatsby Essay

Hope and love can be two extreme blinding factors in a person’s life. The two emotions hold back characters from seeing the reality of situations and making clear minded decisions. Jay Gatsby’s hope, the green light at the end of Daisy’s dock, that she will come back to him and his unrealistic expectations that he will receive love from her heart, blind his realistic view of the world. On the other part of the island lives Daisy Buchanan, a symbol of wealth and broken promises. Although Fitzgerald does much to make her character worthy of Gatsby’s unlimited devotion, in the end she reveals her self for what she really is.

Daisy has loved money since she was a child – dressing in gorgeous white dresses, always the princess of the tower, and a golden girl every man dreamt of. The young Jay Gatsby fell for her sweet and caring personality like all the other soldiers did . Ever since that moment, Gatsby has loved her, or the idea of her, with such vitality and determination that they will end up together, that the readers would like, in many senses, to see her be worthy of his devotion. Despite her beauty and charm, Daisy is merely selfish, shallow, and in fact a very hurtful woman. Society is does not worry her, if there is enough money everything else can be escaped, such as a hit and run. Even her own flesh and blood she could not take care of, her daughter was a showcase doll who had to put up a cute act for the guests.

Gatsby, an extremely hard working and confident man, has created everything he has by himself. He had hope and dreams which he made happen all by himself. He pushed himself dreaming about how some day he will be good enough for Daisy and her parents. Even thought in the book, Gatsby did not go the right way about money he was always true in his hear. As nick said “Gatsby turned out alright in the end”, in the beginning of the novel wile the reader did not know much about the characters. Only one thing did not fit in, it was that Gatsby lived in a dream world and Daisy was his dream.

Although Fitzgerald carefully builds Daisy’s character with associations of light, purity, and innocence, when all is said and one, she is the opposite of what she presents herself to be. Her life is dependant on wealth and position in society, while Gatsby’s is to be finally happy with the love of his life. Daisy cannot meet his high expectation because she has already set up her life while he was at war. Her carelessness and greed made her marry the cheating Tom Buchanan, even though she was still in love with Gatsby. The dream couple’s chances were ruined that same wedding night when drunken Daisy decided to say “I do”. Her feelings towards him did not change, her values and morals changed and she was not the lovely Daisy that James Gatz fell in love with.