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My Feelings on Racial Relationships – English Essay

Each person should have someone special in their life
to share the moments of pure jopy and the moments of
pain. If that person so happens to be of another
race, so be it.. Never should nationaility, creed, or

race effect how a person is viewed by the public. Most people who are in interracial relationships are often
scrutinized and judged harsher than their counterparts
who are in a relationship with someone of the same
race. It is still typical for a person to look at an
interracial couple a being of a lesser love because of
two different race intertwining to form one whole.
You should never be judged for who you love or who you
fall for albeit if they are black, white, indian,
puerto rican or any other nationality.

Many times we see interracial couples and think
nothing of it. We see they are happy and we keep
moving on with our lives. Rarely do we stand and
think about the harsh punishment that the couple has
had to endure and withstand just to be with the person
they love. You may see a happy couple but someone
else may see a couple who is doing wrong and has to be
ridiculed. Many times people are publicly embarassed
or has to endure their friends and family whispering
each time they bring their mate around. This is
typical in the south where some racial hatred has yet
to die down. Interracial couples are poked fun at
while having much of their happiness taken away by
those who wish the reltionship would end.