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Example of Formal Letter – English (100 Level Course)

Example of Formal Letter – English (100 Level Course)
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing with regard to your invitation for the readers of your magazine to write to you giving views about how governments and individuals could cooperate to protect the global environment which remains as one of the main problems of our planet’s longevity. In my opinion, we should oblige our respective governments to draw their attention a bit more

to search, but in cooperation, not like in the UNO where powerful countries still impose their preferences not looking for an equilibrated world but for one where they keep on controlling the rest, for solutions to maintain our natural resources for as long as possible. As individuals it is our duty to do so.

And it is governments’ obligation to donate a 0.7% of their GDP (Gross Domestic Product), an international regulation which serves for nothing else but as a demonstration of powerful countries’ ability and possibilities of breaking others’ rules. If at least this law was obeyed, third-world governments would be able to face up to the illegal smugglers who are destroying their national natural resources to profit nobody but themselves and this is something all of us are going to pay sooner or later.

As inhabitants of this planet, the “blue planet” as it is known, and consumers of its resources we should set ourselves in a more far-sighted position to avoid finding ourselves later in a world where the only thing we can do is just sit back and watch time go as a consequence of our previous silliness. Maybe in a national ambit the government should begin spending some of our taxes in campaigns to raise the conscience of people but then do not being hypocritical and apply themselves to the international legislation.

I firmly hope that this letter helps readers to begin at least to think about the issue and then, if possible, making the government see a face of the State’s duty that we usually hide in the shade.

Yours faithfully

Student Name