Top Five Innovations Since 1945 Imagine your life with no cell phone , computer or Internet, wouldn't you go crazy?Where would the world be without the cell phone the satellite, the M.R.I., the personal computer, or the Internet? Without these innovative objects the world would be at a standstill. There would be no cellular communication, people would not know if they had brain tumors or cancer, or other various diseases. Without the M.R.I, without personal computers people would not be able to accomplish tasks required in their day to day jobs, and without the Internet, well we wouldn't be able to do extensive research for this project. The cell phone provides people with the necessary communication needed for their lives.
1.1 Overview of Kathmandu Kathmandu Valley, which provides the physical setting for Kathamndu Metropolitan City (KMC), is situated between the latitudes 270 32’ 13” and 270 49’ 10” north and latitudes 850 11’ 31” and 850 31’ 38” east. It covers an area of about 667 sq. km and its mean elevation is about 1350m. above sea level. The valley is bowl shaped with rivers draining towards the center of the basin. The rivers merge into the Bagmati River, which drains out through the Chovar Gorge located at the southwest corner of the valley.
Railway Signalling is safety critical domain, where still traditional technology is in use. There are many reasons for using traditional technology; one of the main reasons being the proven Safety performance of the older systems (Relay Based). As the rail traffic is increasing and with higher speed of trains there is an acute need for modernization of Railway Signalling Technology. Even with the advent of Microprocessor based technology, the problems have not been solved.
Ever wonder what Bondo is, and how it works? Bondo is a complex mixture of tiny little shards of fiberglass or polyester, resin, and talcum powder. The fiberglass shards keep the compound as strong as OEM (original equipment manufacture) specification, the resin helps assure that the bond to the vehicle being repaired is as strong as it can be. The talcum powder keeps the material flowing smooth. Talcum unfortunately though, absorbs moisture and that is why the fillers absorb water. Which is why it's so important that the bondo be completely dried before it's exposed to the elements. The main solvent in the filler is styrene, which is supposed to vaporize as the mixture cures.
Structural engineering plays a pivotal role towards the growth, development and progress of countries as the mass structures like multi-story buildings, bridges, thermal and nuclear power plants all involving structural engineering results in a strong economy of an advancing country.
Of all of the heat engines developed today the Stirling engine has the greatest promise to be the most efficient. Theoretically, the Stirling engine has the ability to function at the full Carnot efficiency. However friction, thermal conductivity and other variables keep it from ever reaching that theoretical potential. Stirling engines, being “external combustion” engines, are very
Very Light Jets are the way of the future. These small 4-6 passenger jet aircraft will improve on everyday personal and business travel. If you have not already heard of these amazing aircraft you soon will. The jets are said to weigh approximately as
In this project, we aim to enhance some of the features of an Electric-Powered Wheelchair(EPW). With the aim of having simple accessories with user-friendly features, we decided to focus on the foot-rest of the EPW. Extensive literature search and
There are different kinds of alternative fuels in the world at present. There are eight different types of alternative fuels which are Ethanol, Natural Gas, Propane, Hydrogen, Bio-Diesel, Electricity, Methanol
Sustainable Development Through Energy Management in a Prototypical Small Gulf State - Engineering Research Paper Abstract - This paper studies sustainable economic development through energy management with special reference to Qatar. It raises the question on the factors that have propelled growth in the region. There