Descriptive Essay SPLISH SPLASH – English Paper(100 Level Course)

Descriptive Essay SPLISH SPLASH – English Paper(100 Level Course)
My happy place is a huge, white mass that sits in the corner of my bathroom. This gigantic bowl is the one place in my house releases all my stress when I’m in it. The bathtub, I believe can cure almost anything. It’s soothing and isolated for those days when you want to shut out the world and curl up in your own little cocoon. Or on those rainy nights when you want to sit in hot water and listen to the rain hit the roof top.

While I sit inside the soothing, warm waters I begin to feel at peace. The dark room makes the bubbles glisten in the candlelight. As I begin to grow warm I feel a sudden tiredness come over me. I lay my head back and rest as the scent of the bubble bath begins to fill the room. At this point everything has been lifted and I feel like I am in my incubator and never want to leave. During the time when I am inside the bathtub I hear slow music in the background.

Whether this is music I am playing on a CD or singing myself, depends. The light sound of cracking bubbles also is present in my quiet surrounding. Sometimes the rather vivid and annoying noise of the jets will accompany my music but isn’t on for long because of its disturbing loudness. As I sit back with my eyes closed I can almost hear the candles glowing, as if they were angels singing praises to God. All the sounds I hear in the bathtub, besides the occasional jets, contribute to my peaceful, serine atmosphere.

When closing my eyes and listening to my music I begin to smell the freshness of the bubble bath. The perfumed oil has now become beautiful bubbles of delicious scents. The smell of cinnamon and flowers are also present from the candles setting all around my bathtub. Together these different scents make up the most magnificent peaceful aroma.

Taking baths is one of my favorite things to do. From the sound of bubbles to the smell of fresh flowers, baths are peaceful indulgences. When inside the warm, scented liquid you will feel a total peace and calming. The worries and responsibilities of your hectic life will disappear for this short time period and you will find yourself in another world. A world all your own that nobody can take from you.