Course Review Essay – English 1 page Essay

Course Review Essay – English 1 page Essay
As a general rule, I do not like to write. The research that goes along with writing is interesting, but I am not a fan of putting research together to make it flow. I have come to realize, however, that writing and college go hand in hand, especially in ENC 1102. During the course of this class, I was required to write 4 papers and blog numerous times, both of which are

impossible to complete without writing. Through this class, I have learned that the best method for me to write papers, that I can write a paper about a controversial issue, that the technology was helpful, and that perhaps an online class would have been more appropriate.

From this English class, I learned that my papers turn out better when someone else reads what I have written to find grammatical errors and places where it doesn’t flow. For each paper I wrote this semester, I had someone proof read, however, it was not in during the class. I found that when my peers in the class read and edited my papers, I did not receive adequate feedback, and I was not completely comfortable accepting their advice not knowing what kind of a writer they are. In high school, my mom proof read all my papers, but this year, usually I had one of my roommates help me. For me, peer editing in class did nothing more than allow me to find out how my peers felt about the topic in which I was writing. I found that the most useful editor was someone I knew from outside of class.

Also, I learned that when I write a paper, usually it turns out better if I write it a couple of days before it is due. The best method for me is to research the topic, then the next day write what comes to my head, and finally in a day or so I will sit down and perfect and revise it. This seems to give my brain a chance to organize the thoughts and information that I have learned, so that when I revise it, I doesn’t take very long.

The assignment that I found the most interesting in ENC 1102 was project 2, the ethical perspectives paper. The topic I chose was sex education in America. Normally I don’t like to write about controversial issues because that means that I have to take a strong stand for one side of an argument. However, I found it interesting to see the ongoing arguments about whether public education should be required to teach sex education, and/or what method they should go about doing it. I learned that I actually enjoy doing the research on topics that I am interested in, and in turn, the paper is then relatively easy to write. I did however run into a few problems while trying to cite my sources. In a few places, in my essay, I cited when it was unnecessary or had too many facts in one paragraph. Other than that, it turned out relatively well. I do wish that I had received more feedback, however, so I would be able to grow and change the way I write.
For each assignment that was required, I used CQ researcher and the blackboard website to find out what to write about. The technology made it very easy to access my grades and the syllabus. It did make it hard when sometimes when the information would change from day to day, but for the most part, I found it a useful tool. My favorite part about the blackboard site was that, at any given time, I was able to determine my grades, which was very helpful in aiding my learning process. CQ researcher was the other tool that I utilized for all of my papers. It allowed me to have access to many different topics that I would never have thought to write about. It allowed me to view information and resources from both sides of an issue. Technology played a key role in my education.
If I had a chance to take ENC 1102 over again, I would take it as an online class. I found the classroom experience not to be very helpful in improving my writing, even though sometimes I was engaged in interesting debates. When I went to class, the students in class didn’t seem very interested in learning though, so for me, most of what I learned what from the research I completed. I feel that most of the time spent in class would have been better spent actually writing the papers and researching. For my learning style, an online class would better suit my needs.

As a freshman, I feel that I learned some key things about who I am as a writer and the methods in which I write the best. I learned that I actually can write a paper about a controversial issue and am able to take a stand for one side or the other. For me, I write the best when I do it over a period of time rather than the night before, that way I have time to let others read and proof read it. Writing is not as bad as had previously I thought, especially now since my knowledge has grown. Since writing will haunt me for the rest of my life, I am very grateful that I understand the process better and can express my thoughts on paper with the help of the ENC 1102 class.