Positive Benefits of a Vacation

A vacation means the number of days or weeks that people are permitted to be off their job or their school. A vacation is necessary for their mental and physical health to lead a pleasurable life. When people are tired, they cannot

concentrate on their work, so they should be able to have enough rest and to parallelism recreate themselves. The three main positive benefits of a vacation include refreshing their body and mind, making a precious memory, and communication with others who are close to them.

Firstly, people can have enough physical rest during a vacation. They work hard every day, and use much physical power. Today, many people work very hard and do not rest enough for their health. For example, my father works about fourteen hours a day and sleeps only three to four hours. He sleeps too little for his actual working time. However, he is very energetic, because he sleeps quite often on weekends or long vacations. If he does not have a vacation, not only he loses his concentration when he works, but also his health suffers. When our family takes a vacation, all of us can rest our bodies and return to work or to school with enthusiasm and, of course, strength.

Secondly, people can refresh their minds. They are under much stress in every working day. When stress builds up, their minds and bodies cannot function as well, so, they should reduce their stress during a vacation in their own way. For example, during a long vacation, they can take a trip various places. In this way, they not only can get away from the stress of working each day, but also make many precious and refreshing memories. Another way is to be immersed in a hobby, such as playing a musical instrument, reading books, or making hand-crafted items. These methods are very convenient and beneficial to acquire new hobbies for refreshing a tired mind and body. Applying these recreations, people can take their own free time in vacations time.

Finally, another positive benefit of a vacation is time for a communication with family or friends. Because of busy lives, daily life has less communication. For example, father and his child do not have enough time to communicate with each other. However, when they take a vacation, they can take a good time for themselves; for example to play catch, to watch a sport, to cook, to eat out, and, of course, just to talk. These communications are necessary for creating a bond of affection. In addition, they can make time for meeting familiar friends and making their friendship firm. Family and friends are both very important people in life. Therefore, a vacation provides necessary time for communication with their closest acquaintances.
In conclusion, daily life is very stressful and exhausting. When anyone takes a vacation, he or she can refresh mind and body, make a precious memory, or communicate with family and friends. These three positive benefits become irreplaceable compared to material things. Therefore, a vacation is the most important time to establish pleasurable days in people’s lives before resuming a busy schedule again.