Sanity is For the Weak, and There is a Yeti in My Backyard: the Day in the Life of That girl in Your English Class. I have heard it said before that creative people tend to be crazy. Well if life was a post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy, then I could be considered a crazy creative person. The life I lead is far from the social norm of most twenty-one year old college students. When I think of college students the key words that come to mind are: dorms, parties, studying and the best years of your life. Unfortunately my life has very little to do with all of those things. For along with college, I rent my own house, work two jobs and have no life. Even this essay; which began with the Greeks, and later inspired by jealousy was not written normally. This is not even my first essay; the Greeks did in fact eat my paper (damn Trojan virus!) So in protest of myself and in challenge; I decided to create a new essay. I tend to be inspired in strange ways. When I met a friend in between classes I noticed that she had an odd pair of boots. They were dark brown, furry at the top, and laced up. In summery they were the perfect boots to hunt a yeti, and I desperately wanted a pair. For if I had a pair of said yeti hunting boots, I could write a short story about a yeti in the frozen tundra. Thus began the hunt for a pair of yeti hunting boots, but that is a different story; this story is about me, and what happens in a period of twenty-four hours.