The novel, Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, is a very symbolic piece of literature. Most of the symbols are easy to identify and explain. One exception, however, is the clothing, which is mainly overlooked, because in our society, clothing is a part of our everyday lives. Consequently, when we read, we sometimes dismiss clothing symbolization. In the novel, clothes symbolize order, rules, and democracy. The clothing is a symbol of society that becomes extinct. Since the boys are from boarding school, they all come in uniforms, which illustrate the rules and order of their society. The disappearances of their clothing represent a mirroring of their discarding of civilization and a descent into barbarity. The choir robes and preparatory school uniforms also serve to highlight the “angelic” innocence of the boys before the barbarous nature, only a little below the surface in most of us, begins to emerge. As the boys’ clothing turns to rags, their order turns to chaos, and their rules are disregarded, and their system of democracy is overthrown and replaced with a fascist leader.