Corruption in Nigeria has been a great deal for the past couple of years. Reasons for corruption in many “Less Economically Developed Countries” has been described to be because “those who pay and receive bribes so they can expropriate the nation’s wealth, leaving little for its poorest citizen” (Agba 23). Other author such as Khan sees corruption as “behaviour which deviates from the formal rules of conducts governing the actions of someone in a position of…..authority because of private regarding motives such as wealth, power or status” (23). On the other hand, World Bank labels it as “the abuse of public power for private benefits” (24). No matter the way it has been characterized, I believe is an act of selfishness, greed and being heartless to the less fortunate of the society. The high growing corruption rate in Nigeria is caused by the dishonest leaders; this brings about the growth of poverty, corruption and ethnicity (tribalism) in the country.