California’s Overcrowded Prison’s Axia College of University of Phoenix This is what conditions are like at one of California's best prisons, the California Rehabilitation Center: Built to hold 1,800 inmates, it now bulges with more than 4,700 and is under nearly constant lockdown to prevent fights. Portions of the buildings, which date to the 1920s, are so antiquated that the electricity is shut off during rainstorms so the prisoners are not electrocuted. The facility's once-vaunted drug rehab program has a three-month-long waiting list, and the prison is short 75 guards.” (Pomfret, J)

Student Survival Guide - Using Axia’s Educational Resources

There are a wide variety of technological tools and resources available to me as a student. I can use the University Library which has a number of databases or I can go to Google. When I need to research I will go to the University Library and first search the databases alphabetically and then from there I can go even further and search all databases by description. Then depending on what I am looking for, I can choose which database will best suit my needs. It is important to me to make sure that all my research comes from credible resources and I know that library will give me just that. “Educational and government sites are generally more likely to have been screened and selected by educated professionals than other sites. Look for URLs ending in .edu (these sites originate at an educational institution) and .gov (these sites originate at government agencies). A URL (Universal Resource Locator) is the string of text and numbers that identifies an Internet Site. All the sites listed in the Research Navigator databases have been selected to maximize reliability and credibility.” It is also important for me to be able to have access to “peer-reviewed articles” which I can find in databases such as EBSCOhost or Gale PowerSearch. “Peer-reviewed means that before an article is accepted for publication within a journal, it is first reviewed and corrected by a subject expert. Peer-reviewed journal articles are typically considered of higher quality because of this review process than a non-peer-reviewed journal articles.”
Tattoos are a wonderful way of expressing ones individuality, but people need to think about all the ramifications of getting a tattoo before they get it. “Tattoos are fast becoming a mark of the 21st century, with one quarter of those under the age of 30 adorning their skin with at least one.” (Healy, 2008, p.1)