Learning is a vital tool for implementing change; as a point of interest, learning is the very element that creates the change in most all living beings. Effective learning is how people grow, develop, or change mentally.
Pedophilia is a psychosexual disorder. This form of mental illness is an exclusive mental disorder with chronic conditions. Pedophilia is characterized by intense recurrent sexual urges, arousing fantasies, and, or behaviors that involve sexual activities with prepubescent children (National Alert Registry, n. d.). Pedophilia causes clinically significant distress, impairs work, and personal or social functioning. Typically, pedophiles are men with such characteristics as repeated intense fantasies, behaviors and, or sexual desires concerned only with performing sexual activities with sexually immature children (usually children under the age of 15) (WebMD, 2009). Various studies have shown that most pedophiles have reoccurring involvement with two or more children. When a pedophile becomes sexually active with a child he, or she may begin by touching or fondling the child’s genitals, undressing the child, encouraging the child to watch him, or her masturbate or by forcefully performing sexual acts on the child. Pedophilia also includes exclusive and nonexclusive types; some may be attracted to males, some to females; others may be attracted to both males and females, while many others may be limited to incestuous activities (WebMD, 2009). However, in most all cases, pedophiles have endured past or present abuse, sex as a requisite for affection, sexually deviant behaviors, and somatic or sexual dysfunction.