What are the causes of poverty in the 3rd world? – Economics Essay

What are the causes of poverty in the 3rd world? – Economics Essay
Today’s world is divided in to three parts. The first part includes superpowers such as United States of America, China and Britain which are controlling the world. Next

group are the developing countries which are being supported by the superpowers. For example South Korea is being supported bye U.S.A. The last part is known as the 3rd world countries like Iran, Iraq and Turkey. These countries are suffering from many problems such as high population, sanctions and above all poverty. Although almost all of these countries have lots of human potential and oil resources but they still face indigence. The main cause of this matter is colonization, none existence of paying attention to the health issues and finally low culture.
Colonization is the main reason that 3rd world countries are suffering poverty. For many years these countries have been invaded by the foreigners such as Russians British and French. In fact colonization is still continuing in these countries but in a different ways such as spreading democracy and overthrowing the dictator and dangerous regimes. The main way to obtain these goals is war and military action in the name of giving freedom to the people’s of these countries. The best example would be Iraq’s war and Afghanistan war. These wars are not beneficial for the nations but and have lots of damages and losses. The worst war’s damage is poverty. History shows that whenever wars take place poverty and economic depressions are the main result of them. Furthermore, colonization causes racism in 3rd world countries. For instance, French induced racism in Rwanda .They have separated the people to the two groups of Hutu and Tutsi .This racism still exists therefore there is no unity among people which causes many problems, and the main one is poverty. Because wherever there is no unity among the nation that country would not improve and fall behind. Another effect of colonization on appearing poverty in 3rd world countries is dispute in multicultural communities. Westerners always tried to make controversy among the multicultural communities to retard them which in the end result in poverty.
The second cause of penury is none existence of paying attention to the health issues .In 3rd world countries number of sick people is always increasing because of wrong decisions related to the welfare problems and lack of a well-ordered schedule for vaccination and eradication of diseases. For example in Pakistan the health programs are more focused on curing rather than prevention. In addition most of the 3rd world communities are unaware of the infectious diseases such as AIDS. Hence a lot of money is spent on the health issues without any effective results. In the end the governments will end up with a more infected people and a lot of wasted money which also causes poverty.
The last cause of poverty in these kinds of countries is that a huge majority of people’s culture is low and week i.e. people do not have a correct perception how to improve and what is best for them. In most cases this happens because of extremism in religion .For example in Iraq people instead of being united and trying to move to the better future ,support terrorist groups because they believe that these groups are fighting against the God’ enemy. This will change nothing but making the invasion time longer .Another problem is that people in these countries are used to be consumers rather than a producers. Therefore they spend a lot of money on consuming and importing goods from other countries .This might not be bad for them in short term but in long term it will cause a terrible loss and poverty for the country.
3rd world poverty has a lot of causes like colonizing, health issues and cultural problems. Any countries that suffer these factors or even one of them usually face poverty. In my opinion issue of poverty in 3rd world countries will be more complicated and acute unless the world unite and help these countries to uproot poverty.