Animal Farm Book Report

“Animal Farm” is a classic story by George Orwell. He is also the author of the book “1984”. Its satirical nature and its brutally accurate depiction of the political world are what make it a must-read. Set in a farm initially ruled by humans, the book tells the story of the animals’ journey from their revolution to tyranny.

Originally written as a parallel to the Russian Revolution and the Stalinist Era, it is sad to say that it still reflects our world today. From the power-driven politicians (Napoleon), the brainwashing media (Squealer), the blind followers (the sheep), to the nationalists (Boxer), the book is a little too honest regarding society. We must always watch out for the signals that indicate the start of tyranny as given in the book, and we should also examine whether or not the circumstances of Animal Farm can apply to our own governments.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” is a concept highlighted by the book. How can we avoid that? Easy, we can’t. We can nevertheless, make the circumstance much better by restricting the power of the federal government, and by promoting openness in its facilities. We can likewise assist inform the general public about their human and civil rights so that they will not be quickly controlled. The only reason the animals surrendered that quickly to Napoleon’s lies is due to the fact that they have no concept what he was doing breaches their rights and the laws they had actually formerly established. Thanks to the political propaganda made by their media (squealer), the animals were gradually forgetting the entire point of their previous transformation versus their human master and accepting whatever Napoleon states as reality.

To be frank, the very same media control has actually currently occurred in this year’s election. You seldom see the medias reporting any Hillary’s faults, although there are MANY, yet they put Trump on blast every day. Like the sheep in Animal Farm, lots of people who are too lazy to do their own research study gladly accept whatever the media states, seeing Trump as a personification of Satan himself while discovering no faults in Hillary. It is unfortunate when I ask somebody who amongst these 2 they would support, and they select Hillary without even believing. They just shrug and mindlessly duplicates the viewpoint they had actually heard on the popular media outlets when I ask them why. It is terrible how they understand every little information of Trump’s hate speech and sexist habits, yet when I request their ideas on Hillary’s missing out on e-mails, they look stunned and asked me if I’m sure that occurrence did certainly take place. (A SIDE NOTE: this does not imply that I support either Hillary or Trump, and I do acknowledge that not all of Hillary’s fans resemble the ones I explained. I merely want to suggest how prejudiced the media can be on specific problems and the results they have on individuals.).

The issue nowadays, there are a lot of sheep voluntarily controlled by the media. While the ones who genuinely understand what’s going on are drowned in the noised of the bleating of the sheep, who are mindlessly duplicating whichever propaganda they are instilled with. Whether it be, “2 legs excellent, 4 legs bad.” Or “2 legs great, 4 legs much better,” it does not make a distinction to them. When it lastly boils down to ballot, the sheep led by propaganda will probably exceed Benjamin (the donkey) who translucent the lies. The one favorable thing is the flexibility of speech we still hold, and the wide variety of online reporting that can be a wakeup call even for somebody as blind as the sheep.

Animal Farm is nearly like a prequel to the book “1984”, which is likewise composed by George Orwell. One is the action by action procedure from liberty to tyranny while the other is a world that follows after the tyranny has actually been developed. George Orwell worked as a soldier in WWII, and you can see his mindset towards the war in his book “Animal Farm”. After the animals have actually won their very first fight, they grieve over the loss of their pals while the pigs/politicians commemorate over their triumph versus the people. George Orwell makes fun of the method the federal government and society see war, with their focus put on the outcomes instead of the procedure, where the success is more vital than the countless lives lost. You can likewise notice the author’s hatred for the twisting of words to make something as dreadful as the war seem like a unique and wonderful accomplishment.

On the last note, I would much like to state that this short article is simply a small part of the numerous concepts made in this book. I highly recommend that you do it this circumstance if you have not had the chance to read it yet. I can not cover all the aspects of the book, and there are lots of things revealed in the book that can not be communicated utilizing words alone. You can feel the feelings of the author through the words in the story he has actually woven, which is something a review/summary can not make from. I highly recommend that if you have not check out “Animal Farm” yet, read it this immediate, and if you have actually read it, check out “1984”.