And the Thunder Rolls: The Burdens of Writing – English Essay
The sun is shining and everyone is out sunbathing and playing Frisbee golf, but within seconds a dark gray murky cloud drifts in hanging over just where we sit. A few shouts of thunder and lightning appear as a warning to get out of the way, one more clash of lightening and the down pour begins, ruining everything around. Frisbee golf is over to the disappointment of the

leading scorer, and the girls flail on inside as they curse the weather man for not telling them it was going to storm, but one figure remains out in the rain, drenched, and unable to move. I stand there with no place to go, where ever I run the dark cloud will follow and storm upon me, so what am I suppose to do next?

Writing has always been a burden upon my shoulders, never being sure of where I am suppose to go or what I am suppose to do. My writing skills I dread and so I procrastinate, never furthering my abilities, allowing the storm to proceed with delight. Never being able to express my voice, unless being extremely passionate about the issue, the overuse of commas, and not expressing myself clearly enough so someone else, besides myself, knows what I am suppose to be implying, are just some of my writing deficiencies. One of my best writing abilities is to procrastinate. Procrastination allows me to reread my paper and revise only one time, after I hit spell check, and never allows me to have enough time to allow someone else to read my paper. This way I am protected form the criticism, constructive or not, and my paper stays my own “masterpiece,” if it is even allowed to be categorized under that topic. I do not remember one time when I was truly proud of something I wrote; this class will hopefully change it all.

When we received the syllabus on the first day of class I was excited to see how this would allow and make me a better writer, then I thought some more and realized my grade is going to be based upon my lack of intelligence in writing. I want to be able to write a solid paper, not my first time around because we need our shitty first drafts, but I want to be proud of the paper I place in my manila folder. I want to have the confidence to give my paper to someone else, who may tear it apart and may not, but either way they are just trying to help. Finally, I want to realize writing isn’t nauseating, isn’t painful, and it’s a way to write what you think and share it with others. I want to be able to accomplish all this during my time this semester, with persistence and overcoming fears, I will accomplish all of my goals. This classes is the door, it is the person holding the door open so I can run in from the rain.