Africa, providing aid.

I believe everyone in the world is entitled to clean air and water and a bill of good health in the pursuit of happiness. America is a first world country that has all of the above that matters in sustaining a good bill of health. Other countries like Kenya and Ethiopia do not have access to the same conditions.

Third world countries like India, China and Africa have people who are under nourished and poor that live in an unsanitary environments. We need to govern countries by provided aid to the less fortunate. Sure there are homeless that live on the streets of America that are living in better than the people in third world countries. America plays a good role in protecting our environment from erosion. Helping third world countries by supplying food and health care are established to change the system. America throws away enough food that could feed the needy of poor countries everyday. God made this world for us to take care of it. I feel proposals for an irrigation system to lay pipes and wells to provide clean water should be an effort to provide clean water to Kenya and Ethiopia. I do not know why it is taking so long to cure the deceased water. One thing they say about blacks is that they will never learn how to govern themselves because there is always someone against it.

Africa needs to curtail a government that would mandate healthier living conditions by laying out a plan to do it. All over Africa there should be a irrigation system to provide clean water. Sanctions should be made where healthier living conditions are important where they all find a way to work together to have this done. Africans in America are an example of what Africa can become. Leaders should be led by example to help not only themselves but to govern each country in Africa proper and growth. Africans need to educate their people on how to create an economic system where they can build Africa. By securing health care we can secure a nation. There is no excuse that there is places where clean water is not available. Africans in America at one time did not have the resources to survive but we overcame.

Africa can do the same to create a government that provides health care to each African. I dream that in Africa an immigration system where pollution is out lowed. I have a dream in Africa people are no longer living in shacks or on the street where housing developments are made to house the poor. I dream in Africa where people are being educated on their health in ways to sustain a community of poor so they do not have to live in poor resources. America has communities where the people have to go outside their area to find jobs and go to school and later come back to the community to help development and advancement. Africa can do the same to endorse programs that will help and not hurt them. All Africans should be computer literate. India as a third world country is computer literate. The African economy would improve with the use and knowledge on computers. This is one way Africans can give back to their community. African citizens should protest for a better Africa. They can protest for better health. Education is the key to opening a closed mind.