What is Microsoft Active Directory?

Microsoft Active Directory is the integrated, distributed directory service that is included with Microsoft Windows Server 2000 & 2003. With Active Directory, the administrator of the business can add

a user to Active Directory and with this program you can gain remote access to the network, allow the same user account for messaging, same user for database access, same user for accounting, and client relationship management, and other applications. You can use Active Directory as a multi-purpose directory in this style and it also allows single sign-on for its users. Once a user logs in to Windows their Active Directory record is the key that will automatically unlock all of the applications or services that they have been allowed access to.

This program simplifies the task of adding, modifying, and deleting user accounts. It also helps you communicate better throughout your work place

Benefits of Active Directory
There are several advantages of active directory such as when an employee gets married and changes their name; a single change in Active Directory can change the user information for all applications and services. Even when a user changes their password in Active Directory, they do not have to remember different passwords for their other applications. Overall Active Directory increases productivity of users, enhances security and reduces the burden of IT Administration. This can be a very dependable resource for your company!

Increasing in Productivity
In the past, system upgrades were always conducted to change a specific feature and change the function benefits. However, as companies seek to improve their work load; this tool can accommodate a lot of things. When you upgrade your system you can avoid a lot of the hippa requirements and password changes just by using this tool. This will lessen your work load, so you can focus more on what matters at hand!

Saving Money
Active Directory reduces the amount of administration time and effort needed to maintain a network. Not only will this save the company money but it will also allow you to spend more time testing new business solutions so you can better your company as a whole. Just think of all the time it takes to reboot your server, or think of all the time you spend on maintaining passwords, folders, encrypted information. It also allows you the option to create Group Policy, which will help if you have certain people assigned to different things. For example groups may consist of Sales, Marketing, Research, and Accounting. This enables you the tools to change things as a group and not by individual system. The time you have wasted in the past will pay off with Active Directory.

Enhanced Security
Security in Windows Server 2003 has been dramatically enhanced to meet the requests of the customer and provide a concrete defense in the progressively more hostile internet environment. Using Active Directory can help stop the leaks. While security is one of the most important responsibilities of a network administrator, very few companies assign budget for security projects. As you can see Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory can be an important factor in helping companies achieve the goal of having a more secure environment without having to in particular pay out for security projects.

Active Directory

By: Abbey Lawhorn