What Is Academic Priority – Creative Writing Short Essay

What Is Academic Priority – Creative Writing Short Essay
I believe that education is the most important factor in anybody’s success. Plato believed that a lifelong education was needed to run an ideal society. Although we do not yet have this utopian society of unchanged, we

do have an ever increasing demand for people capable of running the systems that power our less than ideal society. This technology is evolving at a pace far beyond that of any in the past. Formal education and certification is an important function for anyone who desires to use the technologies to the full capacity. I am requesting admission to Massachusetts Institute of Technology so that I may obtain the education needed to have a successful future working with computer technology.

Although I lack the desire to be directly competitive with others I have found that I can motivate myself to be better individually. In the process of bettering myself I have continuously taken difficult classes including honors math courses and advanced science classes in addition to specific independent studies that have focused on computer support and online environment marketing. These independent studies gave me a chance to design my own curriculum while implementing my own goals. These goals have ranged from article deadlines to personal trait growth. My studies have trained me in the art of expanding my knowledge of a topic in the direction I want to follow in addition to opening up new opportunities to me such as a job with the school district working as a technician for the technology department and the development of MarketGuerilla.com to showcase my research and study of online marketing techniques in article format. In addition to being a fulltime high school student I have also taken courses at a local community college every semester since my sophomore year of high school. These classes have taught me how to become better organized and to use my time more effectively.

The second problem I have always had to cope with is my lack of time. Because I am involved in so many activities and events in and out of school I often lose sleep trying to compact everything into the time I have available in each day. I have always tried to be active in sports and extra curricular activities such as football, ABF boxing, and band. Each of these activities has played an essential role in developing my personal growth as a student. I believe that the most important school activity I am involved in is the instrumental arts. I am a performer in marching band, concert band, jazz band, pep band, show band, and individual/ensemble competition. The instruments I play regularly include the bari sax, tenor sax, and sousaphone. My work with instrumental music has built my appreciation of many types of music while creating a performance discipline. My abilities as a musician have greatly increased my overall confidence making it easier to performer or address larger groups. Musical arts have also caused my creativity to flourish as I continue to increase my improvisational skills allowing me to construct elegant rhythms and musical expressions instantly.

Although I take classes that are advanced and difficult I still manage to maintain a GPA of about 3.8. My GPA puts me easily within the top 10% of the class. I have always been an A and B student and have a near perfect attendance.

These are all traits that I will need to progress into the next phase of my education at your institution. My goal is to always improve myself. I believe that a lifelong education will assist me in understanding the current computer systems of today and those that will come in the future. A strong knowledge of these systems that our society depends on during everyday operation will guarantee a successful life in the future.